Scouting the ACC: Georgia Tech

A pair of late season losses dampened what was otherwise a solid campaign from Georgia Tech last season. This program has consistently placed productive players into the NFL and next April should be no different as the teams has several solid defensive backs.

Offensively the top pro prospects reside on the line.  Tackle Kyle Wallace is a tough, competitive blocker that effectively uses solid playing strength and body positioning to keep opponents from the action.  Quick off the snap, Wallace easily controls defenders once engaged at the point of attack then uses excellent arm punch push them from their angle.  Solid in pass protection, Wallace must improve his run blocking to seal the deal.  Likewise guard Leon Robinson has a similar playing style.  Also quick off the snap, Robinson is explosive at the point of attack and strong enough to remove defenders from the action.  But lacking top footwork, he is not effective in space or when asked to block on the move.  Robinson has adequate size as well as growth potential for the next level.  Andy Tidwell-Neal is an adequate college blocker with an outside shot at the next level as a guard.

The top pro-prospects on the defensive side of the ball reside in the secondary.  Safety James Butler is a hard-hitting centerfielder who likes to come up the middle of the field and take on ball carriers.  Known for his bone crunching, intimidating hits, Butler is always willing to get involved in the action.  While he displays cover skills in zone his abilities in man-two-man are limited.  Butler would be best in a two deep system at the next level or possibly moved towards the box at strong safety.  The jackets other safety, Dawan Landry, is also a solid prospect.  Landry shows excellent mental instincts and is quick to locate the ball or action.  He is not the same physical presence as is teammate James Butler, yet he possesses good size and is one to chart.  Junior cornerback Ruben Houston displays terrific cover skills and really stepped up last year as a sophomore.  Sized well he is a solid young prospect.

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