Top Prospects of the ACC

Listed are the top pro-prospects of the ACC conference for all draft eligible players in that league. This has been done after extensive film review the past few weeks and takes into account the top second, third and fourth year collegians of 2003. These are not necessarily the best college players.

# Full Name Year Pos School
1 Antrel Rolle 4Sr CB Miami-Fl
2 Craphonso Thorpe 4Sr WR Florida State
3 Chris Canty 4Jr DE Virginia
4 Alex Barron 5Sr T Florida State
5 Eric Winston 3Jr T Miami-Fl
6 Jimmy Williams 3Jr CB Virginia Tech
7 Darryl Blackstock 3Jr OLB Virginia
8 CJ Brooks 5Sr T Maryland
9 Manny Lawson 3Jr OLB North Carolina State
10 Orien Harris 4Jr DT Miami-Fl
11 Elton Brown 4Sr G Virginia
12 Ahmad Brooks 3So ILB Virginia
13 D'Brickashaw Ferguson 3Jr T Virginia
14 Jon Dunn 5Sr T Virginia Tech
15 Frank Gore 4Jr RB Miami-Fl
16 James Butler 4Sr S Georgia Tech
17 D'Qwell Jackson 3Jr ILB Maryland
18 T.A. McLendon 3Jr RB North Carolina State
19 Reuben Houston 4Jr CB Georgia Tech
20 Roscoe Parrish 4Jr WR Miami-Fl
21 Jason Brown 4Sr C North Carolina
22 Jason Anderson 5Sr WR Wake Forest
23 Lamont Reid 4Sr CB North Carolina State
24 Chris Rix 5Sr QB Florida State
25 Travis Johnson 5Sr DT Florida State
26 Ray Willis 5Sr T Florida State
27 Bryant McFadden 5Sr CB Florida State
28 Santonio Thomas 5Sr DT Miami-Fl
29 Will Montgomery 4Jr G Virginia Tech
30 Heath Miller 4Jr TE Virginia
31 Pat Thomas 4Sr OLB North Carolina State
32 Ben Hall 4Sr TE Clemson
33 James Davis 5Sr DE Virginia Tech
34 Bobby Williamson 4Jr TE Clemson
35 Leon Washington 3Jr RB Florida State
36 Eric King 4Sr CB Wake Forest
37 Brad Butler 3Jr T Virginia
38 Brandon Meriweather 3So S Miami-Fl
39 Kyle Wallace 4Sr T Georgia Tech
40 Kelly Jennings 4Jr CB Miami-Fl
41 Chris Colmer 5Sr T North Carolina State
42 Eric Moore 4Sr DE Florida State
43 Dawan Landry 4Jr S Georgia Tech
44 Kai Parham 3So ILB Virginia
45 Jimmy Martin 3Jr T Virginia Tech
46 Ryan Moore 3So WR Miami-Fl
47 Chris Myers 5Sr G Miami-Fl
48 Cedric Johnson 5Sr G Clemson
49 Dominoque Foxworth 4Jr CB Maryland
50 Charlie Whitehurst 4Jr QB Clemson
51 Jonas Seawright 5Sr DT North Carolina
52 Chauncey Davis 4Sr DE Florida State
53 Wali Lundy 3Jr RB Virginia
54 B.J. Ward 5Sr S Florida State
55 Marcus Hudson 4Jr CB North Carolina State
56 Willie McNeill 4Sr T North Carolina
57 Kevin Everett 4Sr TE Miami-Fl
58 Leon Robinson 5Sr G Georgia Tech
59 Michael McGrew 4Jr WR Virginia
60 Dominic Robinson 3Jr WR Florida State
61 Darian Durant 4Sr QB North Carolina
62 Claudius Osei 5Sr S Florida State
63 Chase Page 4Sr DT North Carolina
64 Jarwarski Pollock 4Sr WR North Carolina
65 Kyle Schmitt 5Sr C Maryland
66 Steve Suter 5Sr WR Maryland
67 Marcus McGruder 5Sr CB Wake Forest
68 Brock Berlin 5Sr QB Miami-Fl
69 Andy Tidwell-Neal 4Sr G Georgia Tech
70 Joel Rodriguez 5Sr C Miami-Fl
71 Mikal Baaqee 5Sr ILB Virginia Tech
72 Madison Hedgecock 4Sr DE North Carolina
73 Blake Lingruen 5Sr C Wake Forest
74 Maurice Fountain 4Sr DE Clemson
75 Zac Yarbrough 5Sr C Virginia
76 Adam Smith 5Sr QB Duke?
77 Ottowa Anderson 5Sr WR Virginia
78 Mike Whaley 4Jr OLB x-Maryland

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