Scouting the Big East: Rutgers

Could this be the season Rutgers finally turns the corner and posts a winning season? While the talent is improved the pro-prospects on the roster are still marginal and the potential for the next level is limited.

Senior wide out Tre Moses is a competitive and sure handed receiver that excels as a return specialist.  Lacking the top size\speed numbers, Moses could find his way onto a roster as a team's fifth receiver.  His abilities to return punts does give him late round consideration.    Junior passer Ryan Hart is a competitive college signal caller that does a solid job reading the defense and making the right choice.  Hart also lacks the top physical skills for the next level and may never be anything more than a backup quarterback in the NFL.

On defense strong safety Jarvis Johnson is a hard-hitting, run supporting defensive back best in a straight-line.  Possessing only marginal pass cover skills, Johnson is a free agent prospect that must make his mark on special teams.

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