Battle for Receiver Jobs Heating Up

With the two starting wide receiver jobs already sewn up, there is a fierce battle going on for the third receiver position in Baltimore. Travis Taylor and off-season acquisition Kevin Johnson provide the Ravens a formidable threat in the passing game, but the overall state of the Baltimore receiving corps remain questionable.

With the Ravens unsure of the availability of star running back Jamal Lewis heading into the 2004 season due to legal issues, the team is placing much more emphasis on the passing game. Coupled with the Ravens anticipating second-year quarterback Kyle Boller will be the starter, head coach Brian Billick needs the depth at the position to mature quickly.

Ron Johnson, the Ravens third-year receiver from Minnesota has a slight edge of grasping the open receiver spot, due to have been in the Ravens' offensive system for the past two-seasons. However, 2004 draftee Davard Darling has been impressive with his route running and explosiveness, a facet of the game which the Ravens have lacked a serious and consistent threat.

Also in the mix are second-year wide receiver Kareem Kelly who was impressive in off-season workouts and third-year veteran Randy Hymes, who returns to the Baltimore offense coming off a knee injury.

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