Scouting the Big 12: Baylor

It's been a longtime since Baylor fielded a competitive team and this once proud program suffered through a decade of demise. Even worse, after consistently put players into the NFL draft they have offered nothing recently. There was a glimmer of hope last year and better results are expected on the football field and in war rooms for the immediate future.

Offensively, tackle Quintin Outland is a big bodied lineman with tremendous strength and a good amount of upside for the next level.   Blocking with good lean, Outland dominates opponents once engaged at the point of attack and displays solid movement skills sliding out to protect the edge.  Effective when he stays with his blocks, Outland does not consistently play with a nasty attitude and is poorly conditioned.  Possessing terrific inmate skills, he has the potential to move up draft boards with a good senior campaign and solid post season.  Lead fullback Jonathan Evans is a top blocker who displays vision, smarts and explosion.  Very aggressive, he takes defenders out of the action and jolts them at the point of attack.  A solid short yardage runner, Evans also displays adequate hands out of the backfield.  He lacks the great upside for the next level but is a blue collar player coaches will love. Lequalan McDonald is in underclassman with a good amount of ability. A strong blocker, McDonald easily removes lineman from the action at the point of attack or engulfs smaller opponents off the snap of the ball.  Still a bit raw, McDonald tends to lumber around the field and his game lacks overall explosion.  After playing guard last season he now moves to right tackle.  Keep an eye on Jonathan Golden, a highly rated the ball carrier who sat out last season.

Defensively, Khari Long is a solid athlete who lines up in a three-point stance and displays solid playing speed.  Undersized at 253-pounds,  Long will make a move to linebacker at the next level.  Finally Maurice Lane is a productive free safety who led the team in tackles last season and also displays a good head for the ball in pass defense.

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