Scouting the Big 12: Kansas

After a surprise appearance in the post season last year, expectations are high for the Jayhawks as we move into the 2004 campaign. This is a squad with a good amount of talent on its' roster which will eventually find its way into the NFL over the next few years.

The offense is highlighted by a pair of receivers prospects.  Brandon Rideau is a tall and slender pass catcher that has been a consistent wide out at Kansas.  Displaying good focus, timing and coordination he does a solid job coming back to the quarterback and making himself an available target.  Not possessing the strong hands Rideau lets the ball get inside him and is not a deep threat.  A late round consideration, he is a prospect who could be a fourth receiver at the next level.  Mark Simmons is smaller yet speedier receiver that occasionally breaks the long one.  Extending to catch the pass in stride, Simmons easily adjusts running full speed to make the reception down the field.  Only a junior he is one to keep on the radar screen for 2005.  Center Joe Vaughn is an explosive blocker who displays the ability to play in space.  Quick in all aspects, Vaughn blocks with leverage and works hard until the whistle blows.  Not a dominant lineman, he has difficulty opening up the middle of the field and may be nothing more than a backup at the next level.  Running back Clark Green is a straight-line runner with a burst of speed and the ability to catch the ball out of the backfield.  Following blocks, he also displays the ability to pick up yardage off initial contact yet is not elusive or a ball carrier who creates if nothings available. Right now he looks like a camp prospect.

The first Jayhawk to be drafted could well be defender David McMillan.  An  explosive athlete, he rushes the edge with speed and displays the skill to make plays in all directions.  Undersized for defensive end, McMillan may be best standing up over tackle in a 34 defense unless he adds bulk to his frame.  Kansas has a trio of solid juniors at the linebacker position. Banks Floodman is a hard working warrior on the outside that quickly reads or diagnoses the action and is constantly around the ball.  Getting depth on pass drops, Floodman is an efficient linebacker who takes good angles to the action.  While he stands to improve his overall body strength his mental intangibles are very good.  Middle linebacker Gabe Toomey is also a heady defender who makes a lot of tackles.  Best up the field, he lacks sideline-to-sideline range and is more of a two-down defender.  Finally Nick Reid is a solid athlete who gets depth on pass drops and displays good range.  Reid must improve the mental aspect of his game as he shows hesitation and does not always play under control.

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