Scouting the Big 12: Texas Tech

After a pair of consecutive bowl appearances highlighted by an explosive scoring offense, Texas Tech is yet again and looking for a new starting quarterback the third year in a row. While the program has no single special prospect they do offer several late round lineman who possess upside potential for the next level.

Upfront the offensive line has three prospects to keep an eye on.  Guard Cody Campbell is a strong and quick blocker who works to bend his knees and gets after assignments.  Setting with a wide base, he displays adequate footwork in space but lacks adjustment and is a small area blocker limited to confined quarters.  Tackle Daniel Loper is strong at the point of attack and removes opponents from the play with good hand punch. Doing a fine job with blocking angles Loper  also lacks the top footwork and is a limited athlete yet may be able to back up at several positions in the NFL.  The sleeper of the bunch could be Dylan Gandy, a former backup.  Moving into the starting position at center this year, Gandy is a prospect that grades out well athletically and is on the radar screen around NFL scouting circles.  Wide receiver Nehemiah Glover is an explosive pass catcher who runs well laterally and is elusive once handling the ball.  Lacking strong hands, Glover does not possess the breakaway speed and has only marginal size.  While he has limited upside for the next level, adding return abilities to his repertoire would increased Glover's attractiveness at the next level.

Defensive end Adell Duckett is very much like his Red Raider predecessors; quick, explosive yet an undersized pass rusher who has difficulty stopping the run.  Immediately getting off the snap the ball, Duckett displays a burst of closing speed, pursues the action from the backside and has the ability to get out to the flanks making plays.  Duckett must learn to bend his knees and get leverage on opponents yet a good senior season terrorizing quarterbacks will put him in favor with NFL scouts. A twenty-three year old sophomore, Brock Stratton is a good looking linebacker that makes a lot of plays against the ball carrier.  Originally singing with BYU out of high school, Stratton served a two-year Mormon mission and was voted Big 12 C-Defensive Freshman of the Year last season.  A tough football player, age and a lack of size will limit his upside potential at the next level.

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