Scouting the PAC 10: Oregon

Continually a competitive program which always makes the post season then puts players into the NFL draft, Oregon may well be one of the best coached teams in America. Going into the 2004 season they have several solid senior prospects with a few outstanding underclassmen.  

On offense the top prospect would be versatile lineman Adam Snyder.  Used at both tackle positions as well as guard, Snyder is a heady and intelligent blocker who works hard and plays with solid fundamentals.  Working to bend his knees he stays square, jolts opponents at the point and displays strength turning defenders off the line of scrimmage.  Snyder also displays the ability to slide out in pass protection yet lacks adjustment, explosion and possesses only marginal skills on the second level.  While he does not possess the great upside for the next level he is a solid prospect and very good middle round choice come next April.  Teammate Nick Steitz is a limited athlete yet a wide bodied lineman who blocks with a nasty attitude and really attacks assignments.  Displaying strength at the point of attack Steitz moves opponents off the line yet lacks top blocking range, is not light on his feet and displays only marginal skills on the second level.  All things considered he is worth the risk of a late round choice.  Oregon has consistently put solid tight ends into the NFL and the next one to carry that banner is junior Tim Day.  A solid athlete, he is an excellent pass catcher that looks the ball into his hands and effectively picks up yardage running after the reception.  Also a good route runner, Day gets separation from opponents and finds the open spot in the defense.  Strong at the point of attack he displays flashes in pass protection yet must improve the details of his blocking game.  Should he continues to progress off a solid sophomore campaign Day will be a highly rated prospect going into his senior season.  Quarterback Kellen Clemens is similar too many of his predecessors that came from the Oregon program.  An intelligent quarterback, Clemens throws with solid fundamentals and continually challenges the vertical game.  Remaining poised under pressure, he buys time for receivers and displays adequate zip on the short throws.  Not possessing a big arm Clemens cannot drive the ball downfield and is inconsistent with his accuracy.  He could develop into a good prospect should he put together a pair of solid seasons at Oregon.  

Defensive end Devan Long is a hard working and intelligent pass rusher that displays speed off the edge.  Always fighting make positive plays, he has athletic limitations but is the type of prospect an NFL coach will take a liking to.  Finally, senior Morley Tucker is a solid athlete at the rover position who displays sideline-to-sideline speed and smarts in a secondary.  Squaring into ball carriers, he quickly moves up the field to defend the run yet must improve his cover skills and play once the pass is airbound.

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