Scouting the PAC 10: Washington 

Still feeling the negative effects after last years coaching change, Washington is a program in flux. A team that usually puts several prospects into the draft's first day has witnessed a drop-off in talent and there is no immediate end in sight.

Washington usually offers several solid blockers up front and this year is no different.  Tackle Khalif Barnes is a big bodied lineman, strong at the point of attack with the ability to destroy opponents in a small area.  Jolting defenders with his hands, Barnes is a nasty lineman who works hard to finish blocks.  Quick off the snap, plays with patience and immediately picks-up stunts or twists thrown by opponents.  Not a natural knee bender, Barnes lacks adjustment, agility and is only effective in very confined quarters.  A much better athlete than he looks on film, Barnes offers a good upside for the next level and a solid senior season could move him into the draft's first day.  Senior tight end Jon Lyon moves into the starting position this season and is another effective blocker.  Strong at the point, he plays with good knee bend, works to stay square and is effective at the line is scrimmage or blocking down the field.  Neither quick nor explosive, Lyon is not very active in the passing offense but could become a draftable commodity with a good senior season.  Receiver Charles Frederick is reliable and natural in most all aspects of his position.  Displaying good eye/ hand coordination, Frederick gets vertical, adjusts to the pass and looks the ball into his hands.  Effectively using the sidelines, he extends to catch the pass away from his body and is effective running after the reception.  Also an outstanding special teams player, Frederick immediately alters the momentum of the game with explosive return skills.  Lacking the top end speed, he is not a burner who gets separation down the field and as a result will drop out on the top 75 next April.  Keep an eye on sophomore tight end Ben Bandel, a good-looking prospect the future.  Fullback Zach Tuiasosopo has a family history at Washington and a good one in the NFL as well.  A solid athlete, he blocks with knee bend, leverage and displays good vision as a lead fullback or ball carrier.  Displaying speed to get out front of running backs and create space, he jolts opponents at the point of attack and opens up running lanes.  His biggest problem is a lack of concentration and staying on the straight and narrow, all which will hurt him next April.

Corner back Derrick Johnson is a good athlete with excellent size\speed numbers.  Smooth in his hips, Johnson quickly transitions off the line is scrimmage and displays good footwork going in reverse.  Also possessing solid ball skills he quickly plants then breaks on the pass and works to get involved in the action.  Slowly getting his head back around to make a play on the ball, Johnson is not effective reading opposing receivers eyes and must fine tune the details of his position.  A good senior season could place him into the late part of the draft's first day.  Finally safety Jimmy Newell displays an excellent head for the ball, takes good angles the action and remains focused for 60 minutes.  That said he lacks foot speed and is usually a half step late getting to the spot in pass coverage.  Finally Manase Hopoi is a hard working pass rusher yet an undersized lineman who'll have trouble finding a niche at the next level.

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