Scouting the SEC: Alabama

It's been a rocky road recently for the Alabama Crimson Tide, one of the nation's proudest football traditions. A carousel of coaching changes coupled with mediocre recruiting efforts have resulted in below par results of on the football field and in NFL war rooms.

The top prospects on the offensive side of the ball exist on the line and begin with tackle Wesley Britt.  Fundamentally sound with blocking techniques, Britt plays with forward lean, immediately gets his hands into opponents and stays square at the point of attack.  Working hard throughout the action he adjusts to pick up stunts or blitzes thrown by the defense.  Anchoring  in pass protection he's patient at the point of attack and does a solid job using body positioning and blocking angles.  Though not a dominant blocker that drives opponents off the line of scrimmage, Britt does offer growth potential and will benefit from added bulk to his frame.  Playing the all important left tackle spot Britt could easily move into the draft's first day with a solid senior season.  Evan Mathis is a versatile lineman that has seen action at both guard and tackle.  Blocking with a wide base he displays footwork sliding out to protect the edge and anchors in pass protection.  Jolting opponents at the point of attack Mathis rides oncoming rushers from their angle then seals blocks with good body positioning.  Another good-sized lineman he must also improve his playing strength and ability to finish blocks.  Unheralded, Mathis could be one of the better "sleeper" linemen in next year's draft.  Ray Hudson moves into the starting position at running back and possesses solid ball carrying skills along with the ability to catch the pass out of the backfield.  A nice overall player, Hudson does not stand out in any single aspect of his game.  Oft- injured Antonio Carter returns for his sixth season on the college field and the diminutive wide out has an uphill battle to get scouts to notice him next year.

Defensive tackle Anthony Bryant has flashed skill throughout his college career but must start to pull the pieces together and play with more consistency. Getting off the ball with a quick first step, Bryant is an athletic lineman that gets out to the sidelines and chases the action.  To his credit he reads the play and remains disciplined while also displaying the ability to redirect the action.  Doing a solid job holding his ground, Bryant works to get off blocks.  Like several other line prospects from Alabama, Bryant does not have the top playing strength and will be handled at the point of attack by ordinary opponents.  The fact he gets straight legged and does not play with leverage also hurts his cause.  Playing a priority position, Bryant could make a big jump up draft boards if he learns to use his size as an advantage on an every down basis.  Outside linebacker Cornelius Wortham returns after sitting out last season with a dislocated elbow.  A solid athlete, he possesses good size\speed numbers for the weak side and offers a good amount of potential for the next level.  After a terrific sophomore season middle linebacker Freddie Roach seemingly took a step back last year and must get his game on track again to make scouts take notice.

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