So who was at the USM/USF game?

Though not a contest heavily attended by NFL scouts, several franchises were represented in the press box at Raymond James Stadium last Saturday night and here's who they were keying on.

Both the Atlanta Falcons and Indianapolis Colts sent scouts to this game and it was obvious each team was interested in the USM prospects.

In fact Atlanta had offensive lineman Jeremy Parquet number one on their lists and took extensive notes on this big blocker.  This could be due to several reasons; the Falcons have a need at the right guard spot and while most perceive Parquet's best position to be strong-side tackle, he has prior experience inside at guard.  Factor in Parquet is a prospect that needs time and taking him late in day one or in the middle frames, then letting him slowly develop at guard for later use at tackle makes sense.  

The other player Atlanta kept close tabs on was receiver/punt returner Marvin Young.  Considered a marginal prospect, Young does a solid job bringing back punts but right now is nothing more than roster fodder and a body for camp next summer. 

And while they also charted Michael Boley, the linebacker was not seemingly a high priority for Atlanta who  would rather upgrade the middle spot or may possibly need a strong-side 'backer (if they can't resign Matt Stewart next year).  Both are positions Boley does not project well to.

The same cannot be said for the Colts, who looked as though they were enamored with Boley.  When you break it down the Southern Miss defender is Tony Dungy's type of linebacker; fast, rangy, quick and a bit undersized.  With a need in the defensive front-seven, an area Indianapolis has not concentrated on much during recent drafts, we got the idea this early in the process that Boley-to-Indianapolis in the third round is a distinct possibility.

Another "Dungy-like" player the Colts watched was undersized pass rusher Craig Kobel.  A fierce defender, Kobel goes very hard and shows some edge speed but like the Marvin Young amounts to nothing more than a camp body.

Both teams seemed very interested in guard Frank Davis, the junior from South Florida we mentioned Monday.

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