Plenty of action at the WVU/UConn game

An odd Wednesday night Big East contest filled the schedule last night and it attracted plenty of attention form NFL scouts and general managers alike. The press box Rentschler Field was full of NFL-teams taking notes and scouts peering through binoculars.

The Giants, Rams, Panthers, Dolphins and Colts all had scouts on hand last night in a full press room.  Dolphins general manager Rick Spielman was a noticeable figure all evening while Indianapolis decision maker Bill Polian also held a credential for the game.

First the Dolphins.  There were several linemen from the offensive side of the ball Spielman watched including West Virginia right tackle Michael Watson and Connecticut blind-side protector Ryan Krug, who projects to guard at the next level.  UConn guard Brian Markowski also seemed to catch his fancy.  Spielman also kept close watch on quarterback Dan Orlovsky and was more than just a little disappointed that WVU running back Kay Jay Harris did not play.  

Why Orlovsky?  The Dolphins have a pick in round one, which seemingly will be an early selection, yet none in the second frame.  The thought process is if they are not enamored with any of the top ball carriers (Cadillac Williams, Cedric Benson) they could parlay that early choice into multiple picks and take Orlovsky later in the draft for assurance if A.J. Feely does not pan out.

Then again one must wonder if Spielman, one of the real nice guys in the business, will be making decisions for the Dolphins next year.  As one who sees Spielman year-after-year at both the Senior Bowl and combine it is easy to see this events in Miami this season have taken a toll on the general manager.

The Carolina Panthers had one of their hardest working and best known scouts on hand last night (whose name we will purposely leave out of this story).  Taking copious notes, most of the players Carolina watched were wearing Connecticut uniforms.  One they had an interest in, but was not dressed to play, was Huskie defensive tackle Tyler King, who is out six weeks with an injury.  Besides that UConn corner Justin Perkins was also a prospect they kept an eye on.  

One West Virginia player the Panthers took a LOT of notes on was quarterback Rasheed Marshall, which was interesting.  A terrific athlete, we could not find out whether they liked Marshall as a developmental quarterback or as a potential running back but they definitely took notice of the Mountaineer signal caller.

For the second game in a row we saw the Indianapolis Colts hard at work.  We were led to believe one of the players they like is West Virginia junior cornerback Adam Jones, who most feel will leave for the NFL after this season.  This makes sense as corner is a need for the Colts and Jones brings the dynamic of game breaking return specialist.  Don't forget, a year ago this November we reported from a Virginia Tech/Temple game they had four scouts on hand to watch another junior coverman, DeAngelo Hall.  A second Mountaineer the Colts had their eye on was defensive tackle Benjamin Lynch, who be a perfect fit for a rotational system up front.  And again, they were watching the weak-side linebackers, specifically Maurice Lloyd of UConn, who had a good game.

The Giants were noticeably impressed with several of the offensive linemen from both teams.

Tomorrow we will have complete notes on all the players from this contest.

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