Dallas and Cleveland Swap Receivers

From the Dallas standpoint, they simply wanted fourth-year receiver Antonio Bryant out of the picture. The former University of Pittsburgh star just wouldn't accept being the Cowboys' third receiver.

While Dallas tried to explain to Bryant that his role with the club was important, he wanted to be an impact player. The blowup that he had with head coach Bill Parcells in the pre-season could be tied to his unhappiness with being a backup. It was clear to most close to the situation that Bryant wouldn't be re-signed after his contract would expire after the 2005 season.

With Cleveland, Bryant will finally have a chance to become the impact receiver that he wanted to be all along. He's the big, physical pass catcher that the Browns really lack. Morgan, while he has length, doesn't have the physical tools that Bryant possesses. Bryant still needs to improve on his route running and discipline but he has all the tools necessary to become a solid receiver.

Once he arrives and gets to work in their offense for a while, Bryant will work well with fellow third-year receiver Andre Davis. Davis will be the speed threat while Bryant will be the physical presence that Morgan couldn't give them.

Morgan looked to be an emerging receiver two years ago with Cleveland but followed that up with a disappointing 2003 campaign. He will give Dallas another deep threat at receiver but still needs to round out his game. He won't have the pressure of being a starting receiver like he did with Cleveland so that could actually help him the rest of the season while he gets acclimated to the Cowboy offense.

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