Expanded Quarterback Rankings

Expanded rankings on the top 60 NFL-prospects at the quarterback positions with comments included. Expect full scouting reports on the top 15 by next week.


Rank Name School Yr
1 Matt Leinart USC 4Jr
Comments: More NFL potential then Carson Palmer, the former number one pick.  Expected to enter the draft.
2 Aaron Rodgers California 3Jr
Comments: Terrific passer picture perfect for the WCO
3 Andrew Walter Arizona State 5Sr
Comments: Big armed quarterback that seems headed in the right direction and having a terrific senior campaign.
4 David Greene Georgia 5Sr
Comments: Underrated and, though he has limitations, could start in the right NFL-system.
5 Dan Orlovsky Connecticut 5Sr
Comments: Good arm and the head to start in the NFL.
6 Kyle Orton Purdue 4Sr
Comments: Good prospect with arm-strength limitations.
7 Jason White Oklahoma 6Sr
Comments: Bad knees, mediocre arm but a winner that understands the position and a consummate back-up at the next level.
8 Charlie Fry Akron 5Sr
Comments: Physically very good but must improve the details of his position and overall accuracy.
9 Jason Campbell Auburn 5Sr
Comments: Terrific athlete with excellent size/speed numbers finally turning the corner.
10 Brad Smith Missouri 4Jr
Comments: A great athlete with a big arm and terrific feet. Tries to do too much at times and must become a "passer" rather then just a "thrower".
11 Charlie Whitehurst Clemson 4Jr
Comments: A lot of upside but must learn to become a patient pocket passer.
12 Derek Anderson Oregon St 4Sr
Comments: Streaky signal caller who looks like a world beater on one snap, then an egg beater the next five plays.
13 Darrell Hackney UAB 4Jr
Comments: Big arm, nice size and consistently improving.
14 Danny Wimprine Memphis 5Sr
Comments: Does not pass the eyeball test yet a solid developmental prospect.
15 Timmy Chang Hawaii 4Sr
Comments: System inflates his production numbers yet has uncanny accuracy anywhere on the field.
16 Brock Berlin Miami-Fl 5Sr
Comments: Starting to meet the potential placed on him as a freshman at Florida.
17 Stan Hill Marshall 5Sr
Comments: Good arm and better accuracy but marginal durability.
18 Chris Rix Florida St 5Sr
Comments: Turning in a horrid senior campaign and dropping out of sight.
19 Matt Jones Arkansas 4Sr
Comments: Athletic and ultimate draft grade will be much higher. Potential first day pick as a wide out or tight end.
20 Gino Guidugli Cincinnati 4Sr
Comments: Good arm but inconsistent play and poor decision making weighs heavy on scouts minds.
21 Jon Beutjer Illinois 6Sr
Comments: Nice physical skills but surrounded by marginal talent and sent to the bench recently.
22 Dustin Almond So Miss 4Jr
Comments: Tough, intermediate range passer.
23 Rasheed Marshall West Va 5Sr
Comments: Good athlete with a big arm who could make a switch to running back.
24 Jared Allen Fl-Atlantic 5Sr
Comments: Accurate pocket passer with marginal physical skills.
25 Michael Robinson Penn State 4Jr
Comments: Good athlete…marginal passer.
26 Ryan Fitzpatrick Harvard 5Sr
Comments: Good size, better intelligence and an adequate arm. Needs to play at a higher level of competition to get a true feel for his ability.
27 Tom Petrie Northern Ia 4Sr
Comments: Solid intermediate range passer that could back-up in the NFL.
28 Darian Durant North Carolina 4Sr
Comments: Terrific athlete with a big arm that could be used as a "slash-type" signal caller in the red-zone.
29 Quinton Porter Boston College 4Jr
30 Bruce Eugene Grambling 4Jr
Comments: Injured
31 Dustin Long Sam Hous St 5Sr
Comments: Former Texas A&M passer with some potential for the next level.
32 Chris Dapolito Duke 5Sr
33 Craig Ochs Montana 5Sr
34 Bryan Randall Virginia Tech 5Sr
35 Joshua Cribbs Kent State 4Sr
36 Marcus Randall LSU 5Sr
37 Ryan Leadingham Sacramento St 5Sr
38 Kellen Clemens Oregon 4Jr
39 James Killian Tulsa 5Sr
40 Stefon LeFors Louisville 5Sr
41 Josh Haldi Northern Ill 5Sr
42 LittleJohn Bradshaw Morgan State 4Sr
43 Shane Boyd Kentucky 5Sr
Comments: Safety? Wide out?
44 Paul Pinegar Fresno State 4Jr
45 Zack Mills Penn State 5Sr
46 Matt Guice Eastern KY 5Sr
47 Joe Wiser Portland State 5Sr
48 Paul Troth Liberty 4Sr
49 C.J. Leak Tennessee 5Sr
50 Matt LoVecchio Indiana 5Sr
51 Jay Cutler Vanderbilt 4Jr
52 Dontrell Leonard Norfolk State 5Sr
53 Ryan Hart Rutgers 3Jr
54 Dondrial Pinkins South Carolina 5Sr
55 Paul Peterson Boston College 4Sr
56 Orrick Watkins North Car A&T 5Sr
57 Lang Campbell William & Mary 5Sr
58 Joel Klatt Colorado 3Jr
59 Josh Fields Oklahoma St 5Sr
Comments: Baseball
60 Scott Hall North Texas St 5Sr

*There may be some discrepancy at to the actual year of the player rated but that will be corrected as we move through the process.

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