Humanitarian Bowl


Humanitarian Bowl, 12/31: Louisiana Tech-Clemson

During its' first season as a member of the Western Athletic Conference Louisiana Tech snuck in through the back door and walked away with all the marbles winning the league championship after Fresno State stumbled. This should surprise no one as the Bulldogs were always a competitive independent school that could never get an invite to a bowl game. Clemson started strong but faded and did not meet the expectations many hoped for. 

The name to watch here is Woody Danzler, Clemson's option quarterback who could make his way into the drafts first day as a running back with good workouts.

Bobby Gray is a highly rated safety for the Bulldogs while Delwyn Daigre is another La. Tech pass catching machine that does not project well to the next level.

Clemson: Chad Carson/ILB, Woodrow Danzler/RB, Nick Eason/DE, Charles Hafley/S, TJ Watkins/G, Kyle Young/C, Travis Zachary/RB

Louisiana Tech: Delwyn Daigre/WR, Bobby Gray/S, Luke McCown/QB, John Simon/RB, Brian Stallworth/QB, Carlin Thomas/OLB


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