What They have to Do to Win on Sunday

<b> Buffalo at Baltimore</b> <br><br> What the Bills have to do to win: <br><br> It won't be easy but try to establish some sort of a running game. We saw the Chiefs do it well earlier this season because they were committed to it from the start of the game.

If they can accomplish that, that will enable them to control the clock which is important especially when playing on the road.

Defensively, they'll want to blitz quarterback Kyle Boller who has not played well this season. He has made poor decisions when under duress.

What the Ravens have to do to win: This will be a low scoring game so it will be important to run the ball well. This will be a ball control game so if they can get fill-in starting back Chester Taylor off early, that will enable them to take their shots down field.

With veteran cornerback Troy Vincent (knee) out again, the Ravens should test his replacement Terrence McGee.

Defensively, get after quarterback Drew Bledsoe. His offensive line has done a poor job of protecting him all season. By doing so, Bledsoe could cough the ball up a few times. Field position will be a key in this game.

Detroit at New York Giants

What the Lions have to do to win:

They haven't been able to do it much so far this season but they must try to establish their running game from the outset of the game-especially due to the injuries at receiver.

Rookie back Kevin Jones must run more between the tackles. That would be a good idea since the Giants may not have starting defensive back Fred Robbins in the game due to injury. His replacement, second-year pro William Joseph, is untested.

It would also help if veteran receiver Tai Streets stepped up his game a bit. He's been a big disappointment so far and they need his presence with receivers Roy Williams and Az-Zahir Hakim banged up.

Defensively, the Lions must pressure quarterback Kurt Warner. Make him throw it before he wants to. Warner has been mainly a timing based quarterback over career, meaning he likes to get in to a rhythm.

What the Giants have to do to win:

Establish running back Tiki Barber early. It won't be easy because the Lions are generally solid against the run. If they can get Barber going, that will help the passing game where the Lions may be without starting cornerback Fernando Bryant due to injury.

Defensively, if Roy Williams plays, make sure he doesn't get off the line quickly. They need to get physical with him. If they can slow him down, the Lions have little options elsewhere to turn to..

Philadelphia at Cleveland

What the Eagles have to do to win:

They need to reestablish their running game which hasn't be up to par since starting fullback Jon Ritchie was lost to a season-ending knee injury. If they can get starting back Brian Westbrook off to a good start, that will help them control the clock.

They also need someone else to help them in the passing game other than no.1 receiver Terrell Owens. Now would be a good time to get second-year tight end L.J. Smith back in to the picture. He has been non-existent the last two games.

Defensively, get after quarterback Jeff Garcia with a variety of blitzes. He could be without his top play-making receiver Andre Davis so they don't have much to worry about if they blitz.

What the Browns have to do to win:

Like many underdogs this week, they need to control the clock and keep the opponents offense off of the field. To do this, they must be able to run the ball at least 25 times Sunday. We saw last week that second-year back Lee Suggs could make plays in the passing game. The Browns need to do that again because the Eagles' defense can be over aggressive and they will leave backs coming out of the backfield uncovered at times.

Defensively, they must not let Owens get a free release off the line. If they let him get inside leverage when he gets off the line, it's almost impossible to stop him. They also will need to play a safety over the top to take away his deep routes. The bottom line is they need to make someone else beat them other than Owens.

Jacksonville at Indianapolis

What the Jaguars have to do to win:

They cannot getting in to an aerial war with the Colts. They must get running back Fred Taylor the ball at least 15 times in the first half if they want to have any chance of winning or keep the game close. If they can do that, that means they will be controlling the clock and have been keeping the Colt offense off the field.

Defensively, they must find a week to get physical with their receivers. Don't let them get downfield easily. Get physical with them as the Patriots did in the AFC Championship game. Since the Jaguars don't have anyone who can rush the passer, they'll need to disguise some blitzes during the game.

What the Colts have to do to win:

Spread the ball around with lots of multiple receiver sets. The Jaguars only have one good cover cornerback (Reshean Mathis). By doing that, they can run out of one-back sets and get running back Edgerrin James good yards.

Defensively, get after quarterback Byron Leftwich. Now would be the time for end Dwight Freeney going. He'll draw right tackle Ephraim Salaam and Freeney should win that battle all day long.

Tennessee at Minnesota

What the Titans have to do to win:

Like Jacksonville, they have no chance to win if they get in to a passing war against their opponent. It's imperative that running back Chris Brown runs the ball well all day. If they can, the Titans will possess the ball and that will keep the high-powered Viking offense off of the field.

Defensively, contain quarterback Daunte Culpepper. They won't be able to stop him but they must find a way to get after him. They'll need to use some overload blitzes to right tackle Nat Dorsey's side if they're going to get to him.

Their linebackers also have to stay with their gap responsibility so the Viking backs don't run through open lanes.

What the Vikings have to do to win:

Keep on doing what they have been doing offensively. Run the ball early and often. Even if star receiver Randy Moss (hamstring) is out, they'll be able to make plays if the Titans have to respect the run. They should also try to pick on Titan no.2 cornerback Andre Dyson who gives up a lot of big plays.

Defensively, pressure quarterback Steve McNair in to throwing the ball before he wants to. He has been shaky lately and they need to keep him playing that way.

They also need to get physical with their receivers. No.2 receiver Drew Bennett is playing with a variety of injuries so they need to get physical with him because he might not last the whole game if they throw him around.

San Diego at Carolina

What the Chargers have to do to win:

They don't have enough weapons in the passing game other than emerging star tight end Antonio Gates so they need to feed back LaDainian Tomlinson as much as possible. They also need to get him the ball more in the passing game. His touches are down from last season.

Defensively, get after quarterback Jake Delhomme as the Eagles did last week. Delhomme played poorly and threw four interceptions.

What the Panthers have to do to win:

This will probably be a game where the Panthers will want to throw the ball more than they run it with starting back Stephen Davis (knee) likely out. The backs that will replacement aren't anything near Davis's caliber.

The Charger defensive backs are mostly young and they generally will give up a lot of yards. The Panthers need to get both starting receivers the ball down field.

Defensively, they have to find a way to stop Tomlinson. If they can, like they did against the Eagles running game last week, they have a really good chance to win the game because the Charger passing attack isn't solid.

St. Louis at Miami

What the Rams have to do to win:

It won't be easy to throw against one of the best secondary in the league so the Rams, although head coach Mike Martz prefers not to, must run the ball as much as possible. If they are successful, that will help loosen things up in the passing game.

Defensively, the Rams should blitz quarterback Jay Fiedler who has not played well and has been making costly mistakes. End Leonard Little should have his way with former teammate and tackle John. St. Clair who is banged up.

What the Dolphins have to do to win:

They have to keep the Rams' offense off the field as much as possible if they want to have any chance to win. They'll need to get running back Sammy Morris the ball at least 15-20 times. If they can and he runs well, the chances of them pulling off an upset will be increased. That would also help open up the passing game.

Defensively, they have to get pressure on quarterback Marc Bulger. He holds on to the ball too long at times and if they can get to him, he could turn the ball over.

Chicago at Tampa Bay

What the Bears have to do to win:

Take the game out of struggling quarterback Jonathan Quinn's hands. To do this, they must get it in the hands of running back Thomas Jones as much as possible. Jones only ran the ball seven times in the first half.

Defensively, they have to get after quarterback Brian Griese who has been playing well. Force him out of the pocket where he is likely to struggle.

What the Buccaneers have to do to win:

This should be a low scoring game so the Buccaneers need to make plays when they're there to be made. If they can get rookie receiver Michael Clayton involved early, he could have a big game against the Bear cornerbacks who are much smaller than him.

Defensively, end Simeon Rice needs to step up his play and get after Quinn. Look for Rice to handle left tackle Qasim Mitchell. If he can, that will help make it a long day for Quinn.

Atlanta at Kansas City

What the Falcons have to do to win:

Quarterback Michael Vick needs to play under control and let the game come to him instead of trying to force the issue.

If they can run the ball well against the Chief front four, they'll be able to control the clock when is key on the road.

Defensively, they'll have to get good games from tackle Rod Coleman's replacement. If they can do a decent job against the run, they should be able to keep the score close.

What the Chiefs have to do to win:

They should run the ball well inside against the Falcons interior of their defense with tackle Coleman out and middle linebacker Chris Draft banged up.

The Falcon secondary is also banged up and if the Chiefs can run the ball well, they should be able to make some plays down field.

Arizona at Seattle

What the Cardinals have to do to win:

The Arizona defense will have to rise to the occasion. The Seahawks are a multi-dimensional offensive team which can stretch a defense utilizing three and four wide receiver sets. Wide receiver Bobby Engram is questionable with an ankle injury, lending immediate playing time for recently acquired Jerry Rice.

The Cardinals defensive must stay out of short-yardage situations and scheme against Seattle matching receivers one-on-one against their safeties. Arizona's lack of depth in the secondary has to be disguised for the Cardinals to succeed against a high-powered Seattle offense.

Offensively, the Cardinals have shown signs of life, but are far from a finished or consistent product. Quarterback Josh McCown must limit his mistakes and the Arizona offense needs to move the chains with the running game. Exploit the loss of Seattle outside linebacker Anthony Simmons with tight-end Freddie Jones in the passing game.

What the Seahawks have to do to win:

Play their game……………The Seattle offense is extremely talented and has a distinctive advantage over the Cardinals, talent-wise, experience, and in depth. An area of concern with the Seahawks is their consistent approach of swaying from what works for them, resulting in untimely turnovers and taking the momentum away from the offense.

Another area of concern is the "Rice-factor". Head coach Mike Holmgren cannot get overly anxious to display what the veteran wide receiver brings to the team in his first-week with the Seahawks. Holmgren has a tendency to make his point, if Rice is not on the same page as Hasselbeck, there could be an opportunity for a big-play for the Cardinals.

Get running back Shaun Alexander 25-plus carries on Sunday and minimize mistakes and the Seahawks should soar in this battle.

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