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<b><u>Cincinnati Bengals</u></b><br><i> The Rudi dilemma</i><br> It was thought that when the Bengals selected RB Chris Perry in the first round of this year's draft, which would mean the end of Rudi Johnson's tenure with the club after the 2004 season since his contract would expire then.

Not so fast.

Perry signed late and RB Kenny Watson had a pretty good camp and clearly on the no.2 job.

Johnson's numbers haven't been great but he's still on pace to post over 1,300 yards rushing which is pretty solid when you consider how many games the club has to play from behind in.

If Johnson stays healthy, he'll probably hit that yardage plateau which means they won't know if Perry will be ready for a much bigger role in his sophomore season. With that being the case, the Bengals will have a really big dilemma to solve. Do they re-sign Johnson and give him a big money contract? Do they sign him to a one-year deal? Or do they let him walk?

We'll revisit this situation as we get closer to the end of the season but this one big issue that the club will have to deal with for a while.

Buffalo Bills

Losman likely not ready for a while

While most Buffalo Bill fans would love to see rookie signal caller J.P. Losman get some playing time, they'll need to be patient a while longer.

Losman's broken leg is healing but he's still at least a few weeks away from being able to be mobile enough to get in a regular practice.

While there's a pretty good chance that he'll move up to the no.2 spot some time next month, he'll not only have to prove his leg is 100% but they'll also have to be out of the playoff picture for him to play. At this point, they're about three games out of a wild card spot.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Leftwich injury tests teams' resolve

The club will be faced with adversity when it comes to dealing with QB Byron Leftwich's injury one way or the other.

Even if he can play with the LCL sprain, his mobility will likely be limited as Packers' QB Brett Favre had to deal with a similar injury during the 2002 season and their passing game became more of the shorter variety.

Part of Leftwich's excellent second season has been because of the deep passing game. That certainly will be curtailed some if he's able to play.

Their running game hasn't exactly been stellar this season so they will have to find a way to move the football-with or without Leftwich.

Baltimore Ravens

The more he plays, the better Moore does

It was assumed that when the club selected WR Clarence Moore in the sixth round of this year's draft, that he would wind up on the practice squad or at best, well down on the depth chart and wouldn't be a factor for some time.

That was then.

Moore not only beat out third-year WR Ron Johnson for a spot on the active roster, he has worked his way up the depth chart.

In recent weeks, the near 6'6" former Northern Arizona University star has risen so far that he essentially has become their third receiver.

Over a three-week span, Moore has more passes thrown to him (11) than third-year WR Randy Hymes had thrown to him (7). Last week, Moore caught three passes for 82 yards.

He still has a long way to go but Moore certainly is starting to turn heads.

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