Expanded Fullback Rankings

Expanded rankings on the top 21 NFL-prospects at the fullback position with comments included. Full scouting reports will be posted this week.

2005 Expanded Fullback Rankings
# Name School Yr Comments
1 Manuel White Jr. UCLA 5Sr Potential triple threat fullback that must improve his blocking.
2 Zach Tuiasosopo Washington 5Sr Terrific athlete and another solid triple-threat prospect on the sidelines with injury.
3 Paul Jefferson Penn State 5Sr Great size and blocking attitude.
4 Matthew Tant Vanderbilt 4Jr Tough as nails but lacks great FB size.
5 Justin Green Montana 4Sr Big power runner that projects to fullback and must improve most every aspect of the position.
6 Jeremy Thomas Georgia 5Sr Blue-collar lead blocker.
7 Kyle Eckel Navy 4Sr Hard worker with marginal size/speed.
8 Branden Joe Ohio State 5Sr Solid athlete efficient in all aspects of the position.
9 Pat Norton UCLA 5Sr Tough lead blocker.
10 Shawn Willis Oklahoma St 4Jr
11 Talib Humphrey Miami-Fl 5Sr
12 Darnell Jones Mississippi St 5Sr Tremendous lead fullback with a great amount of explosion to his game.  Peaked as a sophomore.
13 Kevin Dudley Michigan 5Sr
14 Will Matthews Texas 5Sr
15 Keith Joseph Texas A&M 5Sr
16 Steve Kriewald Nebraska 5Sr
17 Jonathan Evans Baylor 5Sr
18 Issa Banna N'western St 5Sr A bit of a sleeper but a lot of skill.
19 Demoine Clark N'western St 4Sr
20 J.D. Runnels Oklahoma 3Jr
21 Rick Razzano Mississippi 5Sr

* there may be some discrepancies in the actual year of the prospect.  This will be cleared up in the next few weeks.

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