Expanded Running Back Rankings

Expanded rankings on the top 75 NFL-prospects at the running back positions with comments included. Full scouting reports on the top 15 prospects have already been posted.

2005 Expanded Running Back Rankings

# Name School Yr Comments
1 Carnell Williams Auburn 4Sr Quick footed, elusive runner that may not be able to handle a heavy workload.
2 Cedric Benson Texas 4Sr A lot of physical skill but maturity is a question.
3 Ronnie Brown Auburn 5Sr Big, strong ball carrier who has the size for fullback yet the speed for tailback.
4 Marion Barber III Minnesota 3Jr Hard-nosed competitor with excellent all-around skills.
5 DeAngelo Williams Memphis 3Jr Explosive yet tough and instinctive. Likely to enter the draft.
6 Eric Shelton Louisville 4Jr Big, road-grader with power and surprising speed. Former Florida State transfer.
7 Cedric Houston Tennessee 4Sr Can run on the inside or outside and effectively be used as a pass catcher out of the backfield. Needs work and must stay healthy.
8 Frank Gore Miami-Fl 4Jr Coming off a serious knee injury yet a physically gifted back impressive at the top of his game.
9 Kay Jay Harris West Virginia 4Sr Good athlete that can carry the load on the inside when healthy.
10 T.A. McLendon NC State 3Jr Complete back with great running skills whose career has been marred with injury.
11 Darren Sproles Kansas State 4Sr Explosive do-it-all player with terrible size for the next level.
12 Walter Reyes Syracuse 5Sr A terrific third down back for the next level.
13 DonTrell Moore New Mexico 4Jr Elusive, explosive and very tough. Sleeper to keep an eye on.
14 Leon Washington Florida State 3Jr A lot like Warrick Dunn...a lot.
15 Lionel Gates Louisville 4Sr Nice sized ball carrier with speed and strength up the field.
16 Brandon Jacobs South. Illin 4Sr Big, powerful runner that leaves a trail of defenders in his wake.
17 Anthony Davis Wisconsin 5Sr Does not pass the eyeball test but a productive football player when healthy.
18 Jabari Davis Tennessee 4Sr A half-back in a fullbacks body.
19 David Underwood Michigan 4Sr
20 Earl Charles Marshall 4Sr Elusive runner with marginal playing speed.
21 Nehemiah Broughton Citadel 4Sr
22 Robert Merrill TCU 3So Excellent future prospect.
23 Lydell Ross Ohio State 4Sr Good size and skill when focused on the task at hand.
24 J.J. Arrington California 4Sr Explosive yet small but a potential third down back at the next level.
25 Jamaal Branch Colgate 5Sr
26 Tyrell Dortch Michigan State 5Sr
27 Alex Haynes Central Florida 5Sr Presently injured and having a tough senior campaign.
28 Ryan Grant Notre Dame 5Sr
29 Deandra Cobb Michigan State 5Sr
30 Jacque Lewis North Carolina 5Sr
31 Marty Johnson Utah 5Sr
32 Maurice Hall Ohio State 5Sr
33 Anthony Sherrell East. Mich 5Sr
34 Kenny Washington Oregon 5Sr
35 Chad Scott North Carolina 5Sr
36 Dwight Wright Oregon State 5Sr
37 Ryan Fuqua Portland State 5Sr
38 Wali Lundy Virginia 3Jr
39 DeCori Birmingham Arkansas 4Sr
40 Mike Bell Arizona 4Jr
41 Patrick Cobbs N. Texas St 4Jr medical
42 Chris Bruhn Washington St 5Sr
43 Mike Jemison Indiana (Pa) 5Sr
44 Charles Anthony Tennessee St 5Sr  
45 Chance Kretschmer Nevada 5Sr medical
46 Bobby Purify Colorado 5Sr medical
47 Brian Calhoun Wisconsin 5Sr
48 D.D. Cox New Mexico 5Sr
49 Derek Farmer SFAn 5Sr
50 Howard Jackson UTEP 5Sr
51 Kenneth Tolon Stanford 5Sr
52 David Alston Kent State 5Sr
53 Roger Robinson Northern Ariz. 5Sr
54 Marcus Whalen x-BYU 4Jr Talented ball carrier with excellent size yet off-the-field issues.
55 Terry Jackson Southern Illini 5Sr Former Minnesota Gopher; elusive and tricky yet not very tough.
56 Roland Colbert Howard 5Sr
57 DeWhitt Betterson Troy State 5Sr
58 Noah Herron Northwestern 5Sr Fullback?
59 Thomas Lott Rice 4Jr
60 Marcu Williams Maine 4Sr
61 Derron Parquet Memphis 5Sr eligibility?
62 Shelton Sampson N'western St 4Jr
63 Marvin Townes East Carolina 5Sr
64 Derrick Johnese N'western St 4Jr
65 Jonathan Golden Baylor 5Sr
66 Ray Hudson Alabama 5Sr
67 Micheaux Hollingsworth NC A&T 5Sr
68 Terry Butler Villanova 5Sr
69 Jermelle Lewis Iowa 5Sr Medical
70 Kejuan Jones Oklahoma 3Jr
71 Richard Hall Cincinnati 5Sr
72 Alvin Pearman Virginia 5Sr
73 Art Brown East Carolina 5Sr
74 Chris Bellamy Connecticut 5Sr
75 Clark Green Kansas 4Jr

* there may be some discrepancies in the actual year of the prospect.  This will be cleared up in the next few weeks.

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