Scouting Report: Matt Herian

For the past two seasons Matt Herian has proved himself to be one of the better big play tight ends in the nation. Unfortunately a leg injury has sidelined him this year...yet that does not discount the hopes NFL-scouts have for this game breaker.

Full Name:  Matt Herian  School:  Nebraska

Ht:     6-4  Wt:  245  40:   4.73  

The Good: Outstanding pass catching tight end who creates a lot of mismatches for the defense.  Quickly releases off the line of scrimmage into pass routes, beats safety's down the field in a foot race then displays natural receiving abilities catching the deep throw.  Comes back to the ball, uses his frame to shield away opponents then extends to make the difficult reception with defenders draped on him.  Blocks with leverage and gets underneath opponents.

The Bad: Lacks top footwork running routes and must improve his pass protection skills.  Broke a leg earlier this season and out for the rest of the year.

The Skinny: Prior to his leg injury Herian was developing into one more complete tight ends in the nation.  A terrific prospect with an enormous amount of upside potential, should Herian rebound from the leg injury he will benefit greatly from the Nebraska's new passing offense and will be highly rated moving towards the 2006 draft.

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