Injury Analysis

<b>New York Giants</b> <br><br> <b>Injuries:</b> DE Michael Strahan (torn pectoral muscle) and DE Keith Washington (torn ACL)

Analysis: Losing both starting ends is devastating for any team. When you consider everything that Strahan brings to the table (talent and leadership), it's even worse for the Giants.

Washington beat out Osi Umenyiora who now will move up to the first-unit defense at right end. The Giants have veteran end Lorenzo Bromell (knee) on the PUP list to possibly add to the active roster.

Carolina Panthers

Injuries: RB Stephen Davis (knee)

Analysis: Davis has been limited by swelling in his knee for several weeks. What makes matters worse is that his backup, DeShaun Foster, is out for the season.

The team seems reluctant to give rookie RB Joey Harris meaningful playing time. He probably has the most speed left of any back on the active roster.

The coaches have little options left without Davis so it's imperative that they get him in the lineup if they want to have a decent chance to win any game.

New York Jets

Injury: QB Chad Pennington (shoulder)

Analysis: He'll miss 2-4 weeks with a strained rotator cuff.

There's no question that Pennington's leadership certainly will be missed as well as his ability to move the offense down the field. However, no.2 QB Quincy Carter took the Cowboys to the playoff last season (31 career starts) so it's not like they have an inexperienced signal caller replacing him.

Carter has a pretty strong arm but has been very inconsistent at times. He also has more interceptions than TD passes over his four-year career.

Cleveland Browns

Injuries: G Kelvin Garmon (knee)

Analysis: The starting guard suffered damage to three ligaments in his right knee and will be lost for the rest of the season.

Although Garmon will never be considered a Pro-Bowl type, he's more than serviceable. His potential replacements (Joquin Gonzalez, Melvin Fowler, Kirk Chambers, and Paul Zukauskas) are certainly downgrades. Also keep in mind none of them have the starting experience that Garmon has (52 career starts).

Jacksonville Jaguars

Injury: QB Byron Leftwich (LCL-knee)

Analysis: He's expected to miss about two weeks.

The injury that he suffered a few weeks ago is a rare one. The only other player that comes to mind that suffered an LCL injury is Green Bay QB Brett Favre who suffered the injury two years ago.

Favre suffered an LCL sprain and wore a brace for several weeks. His mobility was restricted and deep passes looked to be called less and less. We would expect a similar situation for Leftwich when he returns to play.

As for Leftwich's replacement, David Garrard, he's coming off of a solid training camp and has a big arm. However, he has little playing experience and has a lot to prove. Now would be a good time for the coaches to make a bigger commitment to the running game.

Kansas City Chiefs

Injury: RB Priest Holmes (MCL-knee)

Analysis: Holmes was hit on his right knee during the third quarter of Sunday's game at Tampa Bay and didn't return.

This type of injury could keep a player out for a few, none, or many games depending on the degree of the injury.

A grade-1 MCL sprain usually puts a player in a day-to-day situation meaning he could play the same week. A grade-2 injury is typically a 2-4 week injury. A grade-3 injury is typically a 4-6 week injury.

The team didn't confirm to what degree the injury was but we would assume it's a grade-1 because a grade-2 would be very difficult for a running back to play with.

If Holmes is unable to play this week, either no.2 RB Derrick Blaylock or no.3 RB Larry Johnson will start against the Saints.

Blaylock missed last week's game due to a quad injury but has a decent chance to be ready to play this Sunday.

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