Scouting Report: Ben Wilkerson

Full Name:  Ben Wilkerson  School:  LSU

Ht:   6-3.5  Wt:  295 40:  5.49

The Good: Athletic center effective on the line of scrimmage or in motion.  Blocks with forward lean, keeps his feet moving throughout the play and stays square.  Displays quickness and explosion off snap, immediately gets out to the second level or displays the ability to pull across the line of scrimmage.  Solid position blocker that walls defenders from the action and plays with excellent leverage.  Stays square, works his hands and turns opponents off the line. Quick and fluid in every aspect.  

The Bad: Not dominant at the point and has difficulty finishing blocks.  Lacks top size and must add bulk to his frame.

The Skinny:Dominant on the pivot since the middle part of his freshman season, Wilkerson has been a productive collegiate blocker and projects well to the next level.  Possesses the athleticism and versatility to be used in several schemes yet must dedicate himself to the weight room in order to improve his strength.  

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