2005 Expanded Center Rankings


#  Name School Yr Comments
1 Ben Wilkerson LSU 4Sr Athletic blocker with good upside potential. Must improve his strength but more importantly must mend his broken knee in time for the post season.
2 Vince Carter Oklahoma 4Sr Dominant blocker best in confined quarters. Limited size and growth potential.
3 Jason Brown N. Carolina 4Sr Moving up draft boards and could ultimately be the first center selected next April with a good post season.
4 Donovan Raiola Wisconsin 4Jr Just like his brother, an explosive blocker on the pivot effective in motion.
5 Richie Incognito x-Nebraska 4Jr Nasty blocker that cannot control his temper. Possesses the tools to be a force at the next level.
6 Junius Coston NC A&T 5Sr Athletic blocker on the small school level. Outstanding in motion and effective in space.
7 Mike Degory Florida 4Jr Dominant small area blocker that can be used at several positions.
8 Eric Ghiaciuc Central Mich 5Sr Excellent position blocker with a good feel for the game. Possesses growth potential and upside for the next level.
9 Scott Mruczkowski BGSU 5Sr Dominant short area blocker with a great feel for the position and outstanding football intellect .
10 Greg Eslinger Minnesota 3Jr Explosive on the pivot and a junior with good upside for the next level.
11 Pat Ross BC 4Jr Does not pass the eyeball test and not the most athletic but a solid prospect.
12 Duke Preston Illinois 5Sr Smart & nice sized football player who understands the position.
13 Dylan Gandy Texas Tech 5Sr Solid athlete that tests well and has done a good job since moving into the starting lineup.
14 Joe Vaughn Kansas 5Sr Undersized yet a lineman effective on the move.
15 Chris Jahnke Indiana 5Sr
16 John Strickland South Car. 5Sr
17 Keoki Fraser Arizona 5Sr
18 Marc Manfredda Cal-Davis 5Sr
19 Drew Hodgdon Arizona St 5Sr
20 Alex Herron South Florida 5Sr
21 Chase Johnson TCU 5Sr
22 Ross Huebel Rice 5Sr
23 Rob Hunt N Dakota St 5Sr
24 Joel Rodriguez Miami-Fl 5Sr
25 Geoff Hangartner Texas A&M 5Sr
26 Jason Glynn Texas 5Sr
27 Matt Brock Oregon State 5Sr
28 Mike Johnson Kansas State 5Sr
29 Tim Brown West Virginia 6Sr
30 Justin Terry Lehigh 5Sr
31 Kyle Schmitt Maryland 5Sr
32 Billy Irwin Connecticut 5Sr
33 Blake Lingruen Wake Forest 5Sr
34 Dan Mooney Duke 5Sr
35 Eric Weber Buffalo 5Sr
36 Zac Yarbrough Virginia 5Sr
37 Nick Mihlhauser Wash St 4Jr

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