2005 Expanded Guard Rankings


# Name School Yr Comments
1 David Baas Michigan 5Sr Typical Wolverine lineman; big, dominant and a masher that opens huge holes for the running game and protects the passer.
2 Elton Brown Virginia 4Sr Big, dominant blocker perfectly built for a power running game.
3 Samson Satele Hawaii 3So Athletic prospect slowly developing into the position and a player with great upside potential for the next level.
4 Dan Buenning Wisconsin 5Sr Big, strong lineman who plays with a good degree of intellect.  Understands the position and uses all his tools to the maximum.
5 Jonathan Clinkscale Wisconsin 5Sr Combines great fundamentals and brute force.  Must now give effort off-the-field and condition himself for the next level.
6 Marcus Johnson Mississippi 5Sr Can dominate blocking for the run while holding his ground in pass protection.
7 Doug Buckles Mississippi 5Sr Intelligent lineman who plays with a nasty attitude.
8 Mike Lorenz Wisconsin 5Sr Collegiate tackle who projects to guard at the next level.  Solid in almost every aspect.
9 Chris Spencer Mississippi 4Jr Quick, explosive prospect that projects to several possible positions at the next level.
10 Cedric Johnson Clemson 5Sr Wide bodied lineman perfectly built for the guard position.  Possesses a good degree of upside potential should he applies himself.
11 Evan Mathis Alabama 5Sr Versatile prospect that can be used at guard or tackle.  May not test well yet very efficient on film.
12 Chris Kemoeatu Utah 5Sr Dominant to guard that must focus and make football a priority.
13 Chris Myers Miami-Fl 5Sr Better athlete than he's given credit for and a prospect that can play in a number of systems at the next level.
14 Uriah Moenoa Hawaii 4Sr
15 Davin Joseph Oklahoma 3Jr
16 Patrick Babcock Illinois 5Sr
17 Sam Mayes Oklahoma St 5Sr  
18 Mike Erickson Nebraska 5Sr  
19 Scott Davis Penn State 5Sr
20 Albert Seagraves North Carolina 5Sr
21 Matt Lentz Michigan 4Jr
22 Nick Steitz Oregon 5Sr
23 Micah Meador Rice 5Sr
24 Ike Ndukwe Northwestern 5Sr
25 Jake Versreate Northern Illinois 5Sr
26 Will Montgomery Virginia Tech 4Jr
27 Kanan Sanchez Oregon State 5Sr
28 LeQualan McDonald Baylor 3Jr
29 Erik Pears Colorado State 5Sr
30 Matt Turner Purdue 4Jr
31 Chad Bandiera Kent State 4Sr
32 Kelvin Chaisson Oklahoma 4Jr
33 Jason Respert Tennessee 5Sr  
34 Charles Rush Penn State 4Jr
35 Bobby Meeks Florida State 5Sr
36 Will Whitticker Michigan State 5Sr
37 Mo Mitchell Florida 4Sr
38 Cory Procter Montana 4Sr
39 Matt Tarullo Syracuse 5Sr
40 Leon Robinson Georgia Tech 5Sr
41 Tyler Moore Purdue 5Sr
42 Rob Kane U-Mass 5Sr
43 Matt Ulrich Northwestern 5Sr
44 Osmar Staples San Jose State 5Sr
45 Tony Palmer Missouri 4Jr
46 Robertville Louis Alabama A&M 4Sr
47 Eyoseph Efseaff UCLA 5Sr
48 Brian Markowski Connecticut 5Sr
49 Tyler Reed Penn State 4Jr
50 Aldo De La Garza Texas A&M 3Jr
51 Jake Andersen Nebraska 5Sr
52 Cody Campbell Texas Tech 5Sr
53 Dan Bieg SE Missouri St 5Sr
54 Buster Ashley West Kentucky 5Sr
55 Morris Sanders West Carolina 5Sr
56 Paul Thomson Delaware 5Sr
57 Roy Swan Houston 4Jr
58 Isaac Morales Wyoming 5Sr
59 Andy Tidwell-Neal Georgia Tech 4Sr
60 Mike Rogers Richmond 5Sr
61 Greg Wilson Rice 5Sr
62 Kyle Takavitz Cincinnati 5Sr
63 Lance Butler Florida 5Sr
64 Brandon Harston Minnesota 5Sr
65 Jonathan Alston South Carolina 5Sr
66 James Miller Virginia Tech 5Sr
67 Rory Hennessey Yale 5Sr
68 Steven Gibbs Arkansas State 5Sr
69 Scott Young BYU 5Sr
70 Steve Subia New Mexico State 5Sr
71 Matt Huff Kentucky 5Sr
72 Ricky Fowler N. Carolina St 5Sr
73 Tony Coker Kansas 5Sr
74 Derek Stemrich Colorado 5Sr
75 Mike Johnson Kansas State 5Sr

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