2005 Expanded Tackle Rankings

Powerful run blocking tackles are always a premium in the NFL draft and are only surpassed by the need for nimble pass-protecting, blind-side tackles. Here is an expanded rankings of the top 97 available next April


#  Name School Yr Comments
1 Alex Barron Florida State 5Sr Solid athlete with both size and growth potential.  Offers a large amount of upside for the next level yet needs time to round out his game.
2 Winston Justice USC 3So Dominant blocker recently beset with off the field problems.
3 Eric Winston Miami-Fl 3Jr Former tight end that's taken well to left tackle position.  Quite possibly would've been the first tackle selected in next April's draft were it not for a major knee injury early this season.
4 Jammal Brown Oklahoma 5Sr Big, strong lineman that can be used at several positions.
5 Michael Munoz Tennessee 5Sr Athletic and effective. Solid in all areas though not as dominant as his dad was.  Dominant as both a run blocker or pass protector.
6 Wesley Britt Alabama 5Sr Intelligent yet also tough.  Can make a major move up draft boards with good post season showings.
7 Andrew Whitworth LSU 4Jr Big, strong lineman that could eventually develop into a dominant strong side tackle prospect.
8 Jonathan Scott Texas 4Jr Possesses all the innate skills to be the next great lineman that comes out of the Texas program.  Needs to apply himself 60 minutes a game.
9 Daryn Colledge Boise State 4Jr Terrific young prospect rarely mentioned.  Outstanding pass protector that may be kicked inside to guard.
10 Adam Terry Syracuse 5Sr Not flashy but an effective blind side blocker and very efficient tackle.
11 CJ Brooks Maryland 5Sr Consistent lineman the past four seasons.  Presently used at guard yet has the size and prior experience to play left tackle.
12 Ray Willis Florida State 5Sr Very good strong side tackle with a large degree of upside potential for the next level.
13 D'Brickashaw Ferguson Virginia 3Jr Solid athlete with a good feel for the position and upside for the next level.
14 Jeremy Parquet Southern Miss 5Sr Big, powerful lineman that dominates the opposition.
15 Nick Kaczur Toledo 4Sr Strong, sturdy blocker who could be used at either tackle or guard.
16 Rob Sims Ohio State 3Jr Young prospect that's gotten better with experience and holds a good degree of upside for the next level.
17 Calvin Armstrong Washington State 5Sr Solid pass protector that is also effective blocking the run when he puts his mind to it.
18 Morgan Davis Wisconsin 5Sr Tough Badger lineman with a good feel for the position.  Not the greatest athlete but has the skills to play in NFL.
19 Travis Leffew Louisville 4Jr Athletic blind side tackle with a large upside for the next level.
20 Herbert Taylor TCU 3So Big, strong prospect that dominates the opposition.  Could develop into a top prospect down the road.
21 Claude Terrell New Mexico 5Sr Solid athlete with both size and upside potential.  May be kicked inside to guard in the NFL.
22 Rob Petitti Pittsburgh 5Sr Not to the prettiest blind side protector yet an intelligent lineman and terrific technician.
23 Jon Dunn Virginia Tech 5Sr
24 Anthony Alabi TCU 5Sr Underrated blocker marked down because of poor athletic testing.
25 Khalif Barnes Washington 5Sr Good athlete who looks better than he plays.
26 Adam Snyder Oregon 5Sr Smart, strong lineman but a utility player at the next level.
27 Max Jean-Gilles Georgia 3Jr Wide bodied blocker that's gotten better with experience.
28 Stefon Wheeler Michigan State 4Jr Solid pass protector that may not possess the size to be a left tackle in the NFL.
29 Pete McMahon Iowa 5Sr  
30 Jami Hightower Texas A&M 5Sr Medical
31 Jon Doty Kansas State 5Sr  
32 Michael Roos Eastern Wash 5Sr Terrific small school prospect who plays with great fundamentals.  Definitely one to keep an eye on as we move towards April.
33 Trai Essex Northwestern 4Sr Solid prospect with a good degree of upside yet a player hampered with injury this season.
34 Doug Nienhuis Oregon State 5Sr
35 Levi Brown Penn State 3So
36 Brad Butler Virginia 3Jr
37 Grant Preston Connecticut 4Jr  
38 Ryan Krug Connecticut 5Sr
39 Jabari Levey South Carolina 3Jr
40 Kyle Wallace Georgia Tech 4Sr
41 Ed Blanton UCLA 4Jr
42 Tre' Stallings Mississippi 4Jr Guard?
43 Jonathan Colon Florida 4Sr
44 Logan Mankins Fresno State 5Sr
45 Darren DeLone Nebraska 5Sr
46 Wes Sims Oklahoma 5Sr
47 Jeromey Clary Kansas State 5Sr
48 Michael Babyak Princeton 4Jr
49 Michael Watson West Virginia 4Sr
50 Grayling Love Arizona State 4Jr
51 Jimmy Martin Virginia Tech 3Jr
52 Justin Geisinger Vanderbilt 5Sr Guard?
53 Adam Kieft Central Michigan 5Sr
54 James Marten Boston College 3So
55 Tom Kaleita Eastern Michigan 5Sr
56 Quintin Outland Baylor 4Sr
57 Chris Colmer North Carolina St 5Sr Medical
58 Rian Melander Minnesota 5Sr  
59 Willie McNeill North Carolina 4Sr
60 Sam Lightbody Washington State 5Sr
61 Nate Griffin Marshall 5Sr
62 Robin Knebel Oregon 5Sr
63 Na'Shan Goddard South Carolina 4Jr
64 Harvey Dahl Nevada 5Sr
65 Michael DeLaGrange Oregon 5Sr
66 David Stewart Mississippi State 5Sr
67 Steven Vieira UCLA 5Sr
68 Mike Kracalik San Diego State 5Sr
69 Greg Buckley N'western State 4Sr
70 Derrick Sarosi South Florida 5Sr
71 Levi Newton South Florida 5Sr
72 Henry Tellis Troy State 5Sr
73 Phil Hawkins Houston 5Sr
74 Cory Lekkerkerker Cal-Davis 5Sr
75 Steve Burch Idaho State 5Sr
76 Scott Paffrath Missouri 5Sr
77 Dan Connolly SE Missouri State 5Sr
78 Brandon Phillips Arizona 6Sr Medical
79 Christopher Louvier Sam Houston St 5Sr
80 Trip DelCampo Delaware 5Sr
81 Frank Omiyale Tennessee Tech 5Sr
82 Gene Frederic Memphis 5Sr
83 William Obeng San Jose State 5Sr
84 Travis Holden Grambling 4Jr
85 Jeremy Trueblood Boston College 3Jr
86 Pat Worsham Bethune-Cookman 5Sr
87 Steve Eastlake Cincinnati 5Sr
88 Tavarus Washington Florida 4Sr
89 Ken McKoy Texas State 5Sr
90 Kyle Ras Western Michigan 5Sr
91 Sean Poole Michigan State 5Sr
92 Todd Herremans Saginaw Valley St 5Sr
93 Daniel Loper Texas Tech 5Sr
94 Sam Wilder Colorado 5Sr
95 Terence Gibson Norfolk State 5Sr
96 Clint Stockdorn Cincinnati 5Sr
97 Cale Stubbe Iowa State 5Sr

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