2005 Holiday Season Theme, Your fired ! ?

Two things you don't want to hear if your a head coach or anyone for that matter, "Your mother-in-law is coming for the holidays" and " We are sorry to inform you, but your fired " . Most instance the mother-in-law is much more stressful, but this holiday season we may see silly season come upon the NFL starting Sunday.

You don't have to be fighting for a playoffs spot for every win and loss to have a significant impact this time of year.

Take the Dolphins and 49ers. When Miami visits San Francisco on Sunday, the No. 1 overall pick in next April's draft will likely be on the line.

But the stakes could be much higher for Cleveland and New Orleans, and more specifically, their coaches.

Various reports say Browns coach Butch Davis could be fired as soon as next week if Cleveland loses in Cincinnati on Sunday. He is due $3.5 million per year through 2007 after receiving a two-year extension last year. But a 3-7 record is bitterly disappointing, especially considering the Browns were 3-3 four games ago.

For his part, Davis said he is focusing only on turning the team around and has no intentions of following in the footsteps of good friend Dave Wannstedt, who resigned in Miami earlier this month.

"We still have an opportunity to finish with a winning record," Davis said.

So do the Saints, who are only a game out of the NFC wild card picture despite a 4-6 record. But coach Jim Haslett is also feeling the heat with his talented but mercurial team mired in another season of unfulfilled potential.

Saints owner Tom Benson said the team looked like high school kids following an ugly home loss to Denver last Sunday. Those comments came just six weeks after general manager Mickey Lewis said "changes would have to be made, and I'm not afraid to make them," if things don't work out this season.

"That's the general manager's prerogative and that's the owner's prerogative," said Haslett, who said Loomis watched film of Sunday's loss with the coaching staff on Monday. "They can come out with comments whenever they like."

Unless the Browns and Saints are able to turn their fortunes around quickly - possibly as soon as Sunday - the next comments coming from the respective owners could result Davis and Haslett clearing out their desks before Christmas.

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