2005 Expanded Defensive Tackle Rankings


# Name School Yr Comments
1 Shaun Cody USC 4Sr Athletic defender that can be used in a variety of systems and potentially a two gap lineman.
2 Anttaj Hawthorne Wisconsin 4Sr Explosive tackle that makes plays stuffing the run or rushing the passer.  Must improve the details of his game and go hard for 60 minutes.
3 Rodrique Wright Texas 3Jr Big thug in the middle of the line and a space eater  tough to stop.
4 Orien Harris Miami-Fl 4Jr Outstanding athlete with a great amount of upside for the next level yet a prospect better off staying in college one more year.
5 Travis Johnson Florida State 5Sr Overcame off-the-field difficulties from a year ago and having a stand out senior campaign, soaring up boards.
6 Mike Patterson USC 4Sr Explosive tackle whose playing style perfectly fits the three technique.
7 Haloti Ngata Oregon 4Jr Athletic prospect with good size and upside potential.
8 Atiyyah Ellison Missouri 5Sr Terrific testing prospect starting to bring his athletic skills onto the football field.
9 Jonathan Babineaux Iowa 5Sr Undersized yet explosive tackle that would benefit  playing next to wide body.
10 Anthony Montgomery Minnesota 3Jr Terrific combination of size, athleticism and upside potential for the next level.
11 Lynn McGruder Oklahoma 5Sr Solid prospect who is over-shadowed by the more heralded players on the Sooner roster.
12 Vince Crochunis Pittsburgh 5Sr High motor defensive tackle best stuffing the run.
13 Jason Jefferson Wisconsin 5Sr Undersized yet explosive tackle that plays lights out for 60 minutes.
14 Anthony Bryant Alabama 5Sr Athletic defender with tremendous size.  Possesses a lot of upside for the next level.
15 Albert Means Memphis 5Sr Up and down defensive tackle who never met the expectations placed upon him in college.
16 Santonio Thomas Miami-Fl 5Sr Well-sized tackle with a history of injuries which slowed his development.
17 Lorenzo Alexander California 4Sr Tough interior prospect that makes a lot of plays behind the line of scrimmage.
18 Larry Dibbles Texas 4Jr  
19 Kedric Golston Georgia 3Jr  
20 Tim Bulman Boston College 4Sr Explosive lineman that continually gets better with repetition.
21 Gerald Anderson Georgia 4Jr  
22 C.J. Mosley Missouri 4Jr Undersized yet athletic defensive tackle who makes plays in every direction of the field.
23 Ronald Fields Mississippi State 4Sr Interior plugger best suited on the nose.
24 Orrin Thompson Duke 4Sr  
25 Larry Burt Miami-Oh 4Sr  
26 Arrion Dixon Arkansas 4Sr  
27 Tyler King Connecticut 5Sr  
28 Luis Castillo Northwestern 4Sr  
29 Marcus Jasmin Texas A&M 5Sr  
30 Dan Stephens Pittsburgh 5Sr  
31 Dusty Dvoracek Oklahoma 4Sr  
32 Matt McChesney Colorado 5Sr  
33 Kevin Vickerson Michigan State 5Sr  
34 Kevin Lewis Virginia Tech 5Sr  
35 Jermaine Berry Kansas State 4Sr  
36 Jonas Seawright North Carolina 5Sr  
37 Kalvin Barrett Wisconsin 5Sr  
38 Derrick Robinson Iowa 5Sr  
39 Eric Coleman Clemson 5Sr  
40 Darrell Shropshire South Carolina 4Sr  
41 Chase Page North Carolina 4Sr  
42 Greg Pauly Notre Dame 5Sr  
43 John Paul Jones McNeese State 5Sr  
44 Darrell Reid Minnesota 5Sr  
45 Andrew Bulman Kansas State 5Sr  
46 Andrew Hoffman Virginia 5Sr  
47 Mike Montgomery Texas A&M 5Sr  
48 Tom Sverchek California 5Sr  
49 Kendrick Haynes La-Lafayette 4Sr  
50 Aki Jones Fordham 5Sr  
51 Colby Clark Northwestern 5Sr  
52 Steve Cook Washington State 5Sr  
53 Isaac Snell North Dakota State 5Sr  
54 Ellery Moore Kentucky 4Sr  
55 Cedric Battles South Florida 5Sr  
56 Bobby Leffew Louisville 5Sr  
57 Gary Gibson Rutgers 5Sr  
58 David Harley Rutgers 5Sr  
59 Antwon Burton Temple 5Sr  
60 Benjamin Lynch West Virginia 5Sr  
61 Chuck Jones Portland State 5Sr  
62 Marcus Lorick Eastern Illinois 4Sr  
63 Bobby Valenzuela Oregon 5Sr  
64 Jodie Clemons Indiana 5Sr  
65 Paul Allen Boise State 5Sr  
66 Brandon Dabdoub Colorado 5Sr  

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