2005 Expanded Wide Out Rankings.

Always a position stacked with talent, the 2005 receiver class looks like a good one. And though not as top-heavy as recent groups, plenty of talent will be available to NFL teams next April.


# Name School Yr Comments
1 Braylon Edwards Michigan 4Sr Big, physical pass catcher with impressive size/speed numbers.  Must improve the consistency of his hands as well as focus on the field.
2 Mike Williams USC 3So King sized receiver who may ultimately project to tight end at the next level.
3 Mark Clayton Oklahoma 5Sr Consistent wide out with reliable hands and the ability to break games wide open.
4 Craphonso Thorpe Florida State 4Sr Complete wide out with deceptive speed.  Lacks the great size and having difficulty returning from a broken leg suffered last year.
5 Terrence Murphy Texas A&M 4Sr Reliable in all aspects of the game. Times well in the 40 yet does not always translate that speed onto the field.
6 Jason Avant Michigan 3Jr Great combination of size and speed.  Slowly turning into a complete wide out and really improving his game.
7 Santonio Holmes Ohio State 3So Speedster continually breaking the big play.
8 Martin Nance Miami-Oh 4Jr Big, fast wide out with consistent hands and good size/speed numbers. 
9 Reggie Brown Georgia 5Sr Improving pass catcher that would make an excellent third receiver at the next level.
10 Fred Gibson Georgia 4Sr Explosive athlete who displays the ability to break games open or control them.  Has had a college career characterized by inconsistency.
11 Skyler Green LSU 3Jr Tremendous return specialist and game breaking receiver.  Lacks the great size and may only be a third wide out at the next level.
12 Roddy White UAB 5Sr Terrific athlete with excellent size/speed numbers.  Rounding out his game and a good long term prospect.
13 Chauncey Stovall Florida State 5Sr Making scouts take notice during a breakout senior season.  King sized receiver that runs faster than he times.
14 J.R. Russell Louisville 5Sr Outstanding possession wide out with excellent size.
15 Matt Trannon Michigan State 3Jr Starting to remind people of Plaxico Burress.
16 Josh Davis Marshall 5Sr Polished wide out who, though not spectacular, could easily fill the slot as a team's third receiver.
17 Chris Henry West Virginia 3Jr Talented wide out that shows the ability to takeover games.  Must improve his focus on the field and disciplined off it.
18 Jason Anderson Wake Forest 5Sr Nice sized pass catcher that can fill the role of possession wide out.
19 Steve Breaston Michigan 3So Speedster with great quickness and elusiveness.
20 Roscoe Parrish Miami-Fl 4Jr Game breaking receiver also an outstanding return specialist.
21 Vincent Jackson North Colorado 4Sr Potentially the best small school receiver in the draft.  Combines great size with reliable hands.
22 Airese Currie Clemson 5Sr Sprint champion rounding out his football game.
23 Roydell Williams Tulane 5Sr King-sized wide out that consistently comes away with the tough reception.
24 Mark Bradley Oklahoma 4Sr Turning in a stellar senior season.  Could move up boards with good post season workouts.
25 Taylor Stubblefield Purdue 5Sr Efficient receiver that also doubles as a return specialist.  Lacks top speed but does to many things well enough not to make a roster next year.
26 Courtney Roby Indiana 4Sr Solid possession wide out that runs well for the clock but does not play to that speed on the field.
27 Geoff McArthur California 5Sr Consistent receiver that can be a productive fourth wide out at the next level.
28 Tab Perry UCLA 5Sr  
29 Chase Lyman California 4Sr  
30 Brandon Jones Oklahoma 4Jr  
31 Ryan Moore Miami-Fl 3So  
32 Princell Brockenbrough Pittsburgh 5Sr  
33 Travis Wilson Oklahoma 3Jr  
34 Charles Frederick Washington 5Sr  
35 Brandon Rideau Kansas 4Sr  
36 Craig Bragg UCLA 5Sr  
37 Jejuan Rankins Oklahoma 3Jr  
38 Jonathan Makonnen California 5Sr  
39 Dan Sheldon Northern Illinois 4Sr  
40 Mike Espy Mississippi 4Jr  
41 C.J. Fayton Tennessee 4Jr  
42 Tony Brown Tennessee 5Sr  
43 Reggie Harrell TCU 5Sr  
44 Derek Hagan Arizona State 3Jr  
45 Luke Graham Colgate 4Sr  
46 Willie Amos Nebraska 5Sr  
47 Carlyle Holliday Notre Dame 5Sr  
48 Bill Flowers Mississippi 5Sr  
49 Lance Moore Toledo 5Sr  
50 David Anderson Colorado State 4Jr  
51 Dominic Robinson Florida State 3Jr  
52 Brandon Williams Wisconsin 3Jr  
53 Marques Roberts Baylor 5Sr  
54 O.J. Small Florida 5Sr  
55 Jared Ellerson Minnesota 4Jr  
56 Michael Reeder West Carolina 5Sr  
57 Tres Moses Rutgers 4Sr  
58 Vincent Cartwright Sam Houston St 5Sr  
59 Montiese Culton Tulsa 5Sr  
60 Marcus Maxwell Oregon 5Sr  
61 Dom Thompson William & Mary 5Sr  
62 Sale Key Idaho State 5Sr  
63 Cole Magner Bowling Green 5Sr  
64 Tony Madison Kansas State 5Sr  
65 Phil Goodman Temple 5Sr  
66 Paris Hamilton Minnesota 5Sr  
67 Nate Curry Georgia Tech 5Sr  
68 Curtis Williams Maryland 5Sr  
69 D'Juan Woods Oklahoma State 3So  
70 Earvin Johnson UNLV 5Sr  
71 Ryan Brown Portland State 5Sr  
72 Matthew Thomas South Carolina 4Sr  
73 Jonathan Orr Wisconsin 4Jr  
74 Darrin Charles Wisconsin 4Sr  
75 Nehemiah Glover Texas Tech 5Sr  
76 Jarwarski Pollock North Carolina 4Sr  
77 Lionel Joseph Southern 4Jr  
78 Steve Suter Maryland 5Sr  
79 Biren Ealy Arizona 3Jr  
80 Grant Adams Boston College 5Sr  
81 Mark Simmons Kansas 4Jr  
82 Michael Bouknight Wyoming 5Sr  
83 Silas Daniels Auburn 4Sr  
84 Burl Toler California 4Sr  
85 Fred Amey Sacramento St 5Sr  
86 Stephen Rush SW Missouri St 5Sr  
87 Buchie Ibeh Temple 5Sr  
88 Tramissian Davis Louisiana Tech 5Sr  
89 Michael McGrew Virginia 4Jr  
90 Kerry Johnson Mississippi 5Sr  
91 Tyrone Walker West Michigan 5Sr  
92 Marvin Young Southern Miss 5Sr  
93 Will Peoples Oklahoma 5Sr  
94 Cornelius McGrady Bowling Green 5Sr  
95 Rodney Wilkerson BYU 5Sr  
96 Marques Colston Hofstra 5Sr  
97 Joshua Tinch Louisville 5Sr  
98 Miquelle Henderson West Virginia 4Sr  
99 Charles Estes La-Monroe 5Sr  
100 Christian Pereira Maine 5Sr  
101 Jamaica Rector NW Missouri St 5Sr  
102 Tavares Gideon Memphis 5Sr  
103 Eddie Jackson West Virginia 5Sr  
104 Jason Peebler U-Mass 5Sr  
105 Tommy Cook Kentucky 5Sr  
106 Thomson Omboga Missouri 4Sr  
107 Senterrio Landrum Duke 5Sr  
108 Jerome Mathis Hampton 4Sr  
109 Ray Ray Bivines Mississippi State 5Sr  
110 Harry Williams Tuskegee 5Sr  
111 Antonio Carter Alabama 6Sr  
112 Ottowa Anderson Virginia 5Sr  

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