Keyshawn Calls Out Buc Teammates After Loss

January 12 - Tampa Bay's locker room was as quiet as a library after their 31-9 loss to Philadelphia on Saturday night, but that didn't stop Bucs Pro Bowl WR Keyshawn Johnson from accusing one or more of his teammates of quitting against the Eagles. Buccaneer Magazine has Johnson's deafening comments.

Buccaneer Magazine has Bucs WR Keyshawn Johnson's comments from his locker inside Veterans Stadium after Tampa Bay was thumped by Philadelphia, 31-9. Johnson accused one or more of his teammates of not only quitting against the Eagles, but quitting since Johnson arrived in Tampa Bay last year.

Johnson on Bucs head coach Tony Dungy's future after the loss to Philly:

"I have no idea. I don't control that. No, I'm not worried about it at all because if he's the coach here next year, I know one thing. He better go get some (expletive) players that are going to play for him and not just run their mouth. I know that. If he's not (the coach in Tampa Bay), then where ever he goes, he better get some players who will play for him. If it's true-the guy that they're talking about coming in here, he ain't going to put up with that (expletive), period. He ain't going to put up with that. If that's the truth, he's not going to put up with it. And if not, then Coach Dungy better go out and get some guys that are going to play for him…and play for him fast."

Johnson on if Parcells is the answer to players quitting

"It's almost like a wildfire…it flows. If one guy decides he doesn't want to play, then everybody else starts seeming like they don't want to play, and that can't happen. It's happened too many times when I've been here, and if he's here, we're going to dig deep and fight for him, again. We're going into a perfect situation where we going into a good division where we could win some games and we could be in this same position next year. But if those guys who didn't play, and they know who the hell they are. I'm not going to sit here and name names. But they know who they are."

Johnson on what Parcells would do for Tampa Bay's team

"I'm not even going to get into Bill Parcells. I just don't control that. I have a coach now, and if he's the guy, then he's got to go out and get some guys that will play for him and get rid of the talkers."

Johnon on if he's had concerns about those players before coming into the playoff game against the Eagles

"No, no, you just see it and it concerns you, it bothers you. You know that you're out there trying to give your all, and then when you feel like other guys are not giving their all, it becomes a problem. That's just the bottom line. You have to do your job and make plays."

Johnson on if he was surprised how Philly's defense was able to shut down Tampa Bay's offense

"I'm not overly surprised. They have a very, very good defense. They set up a lot of the things that happened, and we just have to play much, much better. Obviously we can't play much better doing the things we do."

Johnson on Tampa Bay's offense not being able to score touchdowns

"It's just a situation we put ourselves in. It's a situation where we got off to a good start when we got the big interception by Dex, and you figure we're going to score some points. We got the three out of it, but we didn't put up the seven. Too many times we're in the red zone, and we didn't get the seven. You've seen throughout the year where the situation has been that way. We've been kicking field goals instead of scoring points, and that's not a very good situation to be in."

Johnson on whether or not he's talked with the guys that have more bark than bite

"I addressed our team last night. I told everybody the situation was right in front of us. If we wanted to something about what everybody's writing about, we could do it. We could make the decision hard, or we could make the decision easy. It was up to us. And if they didn't get that message when they went onto the football field…I'm not the general manager or coach. I don't need to keep doing that. I don't play football for money, I play because I like it and I play for pride and try to win."

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