2005 Expanded Inside/Middle Linebacker rankings

Though by no means dominant, a solid group of middle linebackers will be available. Plenty of prospects with an upside.


#  Name School Yr Comments
1 Ahmad Brooks Virginia 3So Complete defender that is a force in the middle of the field.
2 Odell Thurman Georgia 3Jr Undersized yet explosive linebacker that disrupts the action.  Projects to a number of spots.
3 Barrett Ruud Nebraska 4Sr Intelligent, tenacious linebacker best stuffing the run.
4 Lance Mitchell Oklahoma 5Sr Tough and forceful athlete who's college career was interrupted by a knee injury.
5 Marcus Lawrence South Carolina 4Sr Explosive athlete that must pull the pieces together and learn to play under control.
6 Abdul Hodge Iowa 4Jr Heady defender in the middle that projects to several positions.
7 Lionel Turner LSU 5Sr Outstanding run stuffer and two down linebacker.
8 Adam Seward UNLV 5Sr Solid run defender with the abilities to defend the pass in zone.
9 Anthony Schlegel Ohio State 4Jr  
10 Mike Goolsby Notre Dame 5Sr Tough linebacker who may also project to the strong side.
11 Liam Ezekiel Northeastern 4Sr Undersized yet explosive prospect consistently flying around the football making plays.  May be best on the inside in a 3-4 system.
12 Kirk Morrison San Diego State 5Sr Tough as nails run stuffer who may be best in a to deep system.
13 Boomer Grigsby Illinois State 5Sr Tenacious and intelligent prospect that also has possibilities on the outside.
14 David Bergeron Stanford 5Sr  
15 James Kinney Missouri 5Sr  
16 Robert McCune Louisville 5Sr  
17 Troy Bennett Temple 5Sr  
18 Brian Morris Fresno State 6Sr  
19 John Pickins Northwestern 4Sr  
20 Leroy Hill Clemson 4Sr  
21 D.D. Lee SMU 5Sr  
22 Nigel Eldridge UAB 5Sr  
23 Freddie Roach Alabama 4Jr  
24 Martin Patterson TCU 4Sr  
25 Eric Mahl Kent State 4Sr  
26 John Goldsberry Purdue 5Sr  
27 Matt Sinclair Illinois 4Sr  
28 Adam Lehnortt West Virginia 5Sr  
29 Chase Blackburn Akron 4Sr  
30 Zak Keasay Princeton 5Sr  
31 Vincent Brown Morgan State 4Sr  
32 Michael Sanders Howard 5Sr  
33 Chris Coauette South Dakota St 5Sr  
34 Andrew Franklin Southern Illinois 4Sr  
35 Jeremy Davis SF Austin 5Sr  
36 Mikal Baaqee Virginia Tech 5Sr  
37 Robert Rodriguez UTEP 5Sr  

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