What They have to Do to Win on Sunday

<b>What the Ravens have to do to win: </b> <br> Offensively, even though running back Jamal Lewis isn't 100%, they are going to have to ride him as much as possible in order to keep the ball away from the high-powered Colts' offense.

They should also mix in reserve back Chester Taylor who can add a nice change of pace to Lewis' power. When they run, they should to right at right end Dwight Freeney who is light. Left tackle Jonathan Ogden should be able to push the much smaller end out of the way.

When passing the ball, get tight end Todd Heap involved. He should have his way with strong safety Mike Doss or better yet, a linebacker if the opportunity presents itself.

Another weapon in the passing attack is rookie receiver Clarence Moore who has a distinct size advantage over the Colts' starting cornerbacks (about seven to nine inches). Remember, as we mentioned in this space before, even if the Colts use a cover-three defense as they did against Drew Bennett a few weeks ago, those cornerbacks can still be beat. Bennett was still able to beat that coverage and the Colts don't have a good cover cornerback.

Defensively, we would go with a lot more nickel coverage in order to try to neutralize the Colts' outstanding passing game. The Ravens have one of the best run defenses in the league so going with an extra defensive back and taking their chances against the run might be the way to go.

What the Colts have to do to win:

Offensively, there is no reason to change what they do so they should go with lots of three wide sets and one back and one tight end looks. They should go right at cornerback Gary Baxter who is very beatable. The Ravens usually go with man coverage so they should be able to exploit Baxter. Also, veteran cornerback Deion Sanders needs to be challenged by third receiver Brandon Stokley. Sanders is coming off of an injury and may not be able to keep up with one of the best slot receivers in the league.

They'll also have to have some success in the running game to set up their play action passes where quarterback Peyton Manning is very dangerous.

Defensively, keep an extra defender in the box to control their running game and make quarterback Kyle Boller beat them.

Another big key for the Colts is for them to stay in their gaps and they'll have to maintain cap control against the run. Too many times the linebackers have left their gaps and have given opposing backs too much room to run in.

Also, if Freeney is neutralized, second-year end Robert Mathis must come up big in this game. Boller has shown the ability to get the ball down field when he has enough time to make a throw.

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