Fantasy Points

For teams clinching home-field advantage heading into the playoffs, resting their starters will be the expectation. As teams prepare for the final few critical weeks of the season, the heat has just begun for your fantasy season as the margin for error is wavers between slim and none.

Whether you're in a head-to head league and are beginning your playoffs or a total point league, this is the crucial stretch of the fantasy season where there is no margin for error. One thing you have to be mindful is that teams that have clinched home-field advantage will begin to rest their starters.

This makes Patriots and Eagles players more challenging to get a read on for this week. For the Patriots, it could very well turn into a blowout versus the Dolphins. Look for Brady and Dillon to possibly get some rest in the second half. They are both still worth playing this week, but Patriots receivers should be avoided.

The Eagles will look to give Brian Westbrook and Terrell Owens additional breathers against the Cowboys. Owens has a sore back and will unlikely play the entire game and Dorsey Levens will spell relief for Westbrook more often than in past weeks.

If your fellow fantasy owners are sleeping, you may be able to pull a fast one on them. Check to see if Koren Robinson is available in your leagues free agent pool. He is scheduled to return from his four game suspension next week and could be an added boost for the final two weeks.

This week's Fantasy Rental was an All-Pro last year and can help your fantasy team out tremendously this week. The Bengals Jon Kitna will start in place of Carson Palmer who sustained a sprained knee last week.

The Bengals won't be shy to throw the ball and with a Bills offense that has been hot of late, this could turn into a high scoring event. This also means that aside from Chad Johnson and T.J. Houshmanzadeh, Kelley Washington could also be worth a look this week.

Last season Kitna passed for over 4,000 yards and had a bunch of big time fantasy outings. He could post some high digits this week and will be a strong candidate for 300 passing yards. He should also rack up some touchdowns as well.

Last Week's Rental: Billy Volek, 29-43 - 426 - 4/0

After last week's 2 touchdown performance Clarence Moore has popped up on the fantasy radar. His size gives him the ability to go up and out-jump defenders as he did last week against the Giants.

He has 4 touchdowns on the season and is a risky play, but in some deep leagues the wide receiver pool is very thin which makes Moore a candidate. He is your typical boom or bust play. He could snag 2 touchdowns like he did last week or do absolutely nothing.

This week against the Colts, the Ravens will look to run the ball but if they fall behind they might have no other choice but to pass. This is where Moore could come into play. Look for about 4 catches, 40-50 yards and a possible touchdown.

Last Week's Rookie: Kevin Jones, 33 - 156 - 1

Matt Hasselbeck (+) - Aligned for a good finish with Robinson to return next week.
Steve McNair (-) - Time to drop him and utilize his roster spot.

Running Backs:
Steven Jackson (+) - Returns from injury with a favorable match up this week.
William Green (-) - Has become a liability and can no longer be depended on.

Wide Receivers:
Kassim Osgood (+) - Could play big role this week if McCardell sits.
Peerless Price (-) - Major disappointment has been a fantasy killer all season long.

Tight Ends:
Todd Heap (+) - Stamped his return with a pair of touchdowns last week.
Eric Johnson (-) - Has suffered from poor quarterback play and lousy supporting cast.

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