Scouting the Forth Worth Bowl for NFL prospects

A very competitive Conference USA-MAC match-up highlights this contest. An enjoyable game which includes a bunch of middle and late round NFL talent for next April's draft.


Trent Cole/DE/4Sr/90: Athletic defensive end that makes plays up the field while also showing the ability to move laterally. Projects to outside linebacker at the next level.

Steve Eastlake/T/5Sr/71: Strong blocker that controls opponents once engaged at the point of attack.  Marginal skills in space and pass protection.

Jamar Enzor/OLB/5Sr/46: Aggressive linebacker effective in pursuit.  Tough and works hard yet undersized and has difficulty handling blocks.

Andre Frazier/OLB/5Sr/91: Collegiate defensive end who displays quickness, tenacity and the ability to make plays in all directions.  Poor size\speed numbers limits his potential for the next level.

Gino Guidugli/QB/4Sr/8: Well sized pocket passer coming off a solid senior campaign.  Natural leader that's been productive since his freshman season.

Tyjaun Hagler/OLB/5Sr/42: Explosive linebacker that forces the action up the field.  Works hard and strong at the point of attack yet has marginal skills in pass coverage.  Size dictates a move to the defensive secondary.

Richard Hall/RB/5Sr/24: Straight-line running back who plays with an aggressive style and displays adequate pass catching skills.  Not elusive and has difficulty outside of tackle.

Daven Holly/CB/5Sr/18: Athletic corner with top size\speed numbers yet a prospect and must improve his overall ball skills.

Clint Stockdorn/T/5Sr/77: Big, smart athlete that's gotten better in time.  Decent upside for the next level yet needs repetition to develop his overall skill.

Kyle Takavitz/G/5Sr/75: Quick blocker initially strong at the point of attack.  Limited upside for the next level and a marginal athlete.


Kevin Atkins/OLB/5Sr/5: Hard-hitting linebacker best defending the run or covering the pass in a short area.

Earl Charles/RB/4Sr/34: Slippery back that slides off tackles and continually works to make positive plays.

Josh Davis/WR/5Sr/82: Reliable wide out with consistent hands.  Potential fourth receiver at the next level.  Coming off a disappointing senior campaign.

Nate Griffin/T/5Sr/60: Massive blocker with above average athletic skills.  Does a solid job protecting the edge on the college level but must dedicate himself to conditioning and the weight room to make a mark in the NFL.

Stan Hill/QB/5Sr/4: Solid short and intermediate range passer that did not meet expectations as a senior.  Can play at the next level in the right system but will need time.

Jamus Martin/DE/5Sr/99: Athletic pass rusher with outstanding quickness and movement skills.  Projects as a rush linebacker in a 34 defense at the next level. Moving up draft boards.

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