Scouting the Motor City Bowl for NFL talent

In what should be one of the more competitive games of the bowl season, Connecticut makes it into the post-season after being shunned last year while the Toledo Rockets continue to field competitive squads. A pair of first day picks are on display in Detroit with several late round selections as well. 


Alfred Fincher/OLB/9/5Sr: Underrated defender that can be used on both the inside or on the outside.  Makes a lot of plays on the ball and displays a good head for the position.

Billy Irwin/C/58/5Sr: Explosive, hard working lineman best in confined quarters.

Tyler King/DT/52/5Sr: Solid athlete who with decent upside for the next level.  Suffered an injury early in the season and presently sidelined.  Unable to improve his draft stock as a senior as was hoped and expected.

Ryan Krug/T/73/5Sr: Collegiate tackle that also projects to guard at the next level.  Solid positional blocker effective in pass protection.

Maurice Lloyd/OLB/11/4Sr: Quick underrated linebacker with good size and speed for the weak side.  Active and makes plays in any direction of the field.

Brian Markowski/G/54/5Sr: Tough, grind it out blocker best in confined quarters.

Dan Orlovsky/QB/7/5Sr: Terrific leader with the physical skills and arm strength to play at the next level.  Patient passer always in control of the situation.  Post season results and pre-draft workouts will go along way in dictating is a final draft position but a likely top 60 selection.

Justin Perkins/CB/2/5Sr: Competent collegiate cornerback who must make his mark on special teams at the next level.  

Grant Preston/T/78/4Jr: Nice sized junior blocker with a good amount of upside the next level.  Effective in both pass protection and as a run blocker.


Patrick Body/S/11/4Sr: Solid athlete who lacks the pure instincts to play center field.

Andrew Clarke/TE/89/5Sr: Highly ranked tight end that suffered a season ending injury very early in the 2004 campaign.  Good blocker with poor playing speed.

Chris Holmes/TE/81/5Sr: Solid pass catching tight end with marginal size\speed numbers.  Gets minimal results as a blocker or downfield receiver.

Nick Kaczur/T/68/4Sr: Big, powerful left tackle who projects to the strong side at the next level.  Possesses the skills and abilities to start as a rookie and be a productive NFL blocker for the next decade if he decides he wants it.

Lance Moore/WR/1/4Sr: Super productive receiver who also excels as a return specialist.  Late round draft pick with the abilities to surprise at the next level.

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