Scouting the MPC Computers Bowl for NFL talent

This is a "must-see" game for scouts and draft fans. Virginia has no less then six draft eligible first day picks that may make themselves available for next April's event. On there behalf Fresno State offers up its' usual helping of mid-to-late round pro-prospects.

Fresno State

Therrian Fontenot/CB/7/4Sr:  Tremendous athlete with excellent size\speed numbers but a marginal football player yet to translate his natural skills onto the field.  Turned in a disappointing senior campaign.

Logan Mankins/T/74/5Sr: Nice sized blocker who opens holes for the running game.  Collegiate tackle that may  project to guard at the next level.  Intelligent and tough but a limited athlete.

Brian Morris/LB/55/6Sr: Collegiate defensive end who projects to linebacker at the next level.  Nice size, speed and tenacity also showing the ability to drop into coverage as a three-point stance.  Must answer durability questions and prove he can play off the line of scrimmage.

Paul Pinegar/QB/13/4Jr: Heady signal caller with a nice feel the position yet a marginal athlete with only average physical skills.

Claude Sanders/FDE/47/5Sr: Undersized defensive end with excellent size\speed numbers for the  linebacker position.  Makes a lot of plays in the offensive backfield yet must prove he can be used in space.

Stephen Spach/TE/49/5Sr: Reliable pass catcher with limited speed and marginal upside for the next level.

Mark Wood/TE/82/5Sr: Solid athlete with good sized/speed numbers for the position yet a marginal prospect who rarely makes plays on the field.


Ottowa Anderson/WR/83/5Sr:Smallish possession receiver with marginal speed.  Beset with off-the-field problems which caused him to be suspended the season.

Darryl Blackstock/OLB/56/3Jr: Explosive outside linebacker turning into a three down defender.  Forces the action up the field and improving his abilities to play in space.

Ahmad Brooks/ILB/34/3So: Complete defender and forceful three down linebacker.  Will grab the top slot at his position should he enter April's draft.

Elton Brown/G/61/4Sr: Massive blocker with tremendous power as well as the ability to engulf opponents.  Opens big holes for the running game yet coming off a poor senior campaign which has hurts his draft stock.

Brad Butler/T/69/3Jr: Solid run blocking strong side tackle with the abilities to play at the next level.

Chris Canty/DE/95/5Sr: One of the better two gap lineman available in April's draft.  Strong, stout at the point and makes a lot of plays up the field.  Blew his knee out early in the season and presently on the sidelines.

Patrick Estes/TE/87/4Sr: Big, powerful blocking tight end who plays almost as a sixth lineman.

D'Brickashaw Ferguson/T/66/3Jr: Naturally gifted blocker with great upside the next level.  Excels in pass protection yet has improved his run blocking skills.  And though we think some are just a little over enthused about him, a prospect that will go very high in next April's draft if he declares.

Dennis Haley/OLB/45/5Sr: Hard working defender with the size and speed to be used on the weak side.

Jermaine Hardy/S/36/4Sr: Aggressive safety best defending the run.  Possesses marginal size for centerfield with pass cover skills that could be best characterized as barely adequate.

Andrew Hoffman/DT/60/5Sr: Active defensive lineman who makes a lot of plays against the run.  Strong and clogs the middle but possesses a poor size\speed numbers for the next level.

Wali Lundy/RB/33/3Jr: Quick ball carrier that is also a solid pass catcher out of the backfield.  Patient but only marginal skills outside of tackle.

Michael McGrew/WR/88/5Sr: Possession receiver whose game does not have any single outstanding trait.  Best shot would be as a fifth wide out at the next level.

Heath Miller/TE/89/4Jr: Athletic safety with outstanding size\speed numbers.  Productive pass catcher physical in all aspects of his game.

Kai Parham/OLB/3So: Athletic linebacker who must refine his game and become more efficient on the field.

Alvin Pearman/RB/21/4Sr: Hard working utility back that does a lot of things well.  Stands out as a pass catcher.

Marquis Weeks/S/5/5Sr: Nice sized safety that did a solid job during his first season in the secondary.  Good upside for the next level as his game progresses.

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