Scouting the Insight Bowl for NFL talent

It's been a while since Notre Dame played a game this early in the bowl season. NFL talent abounds in this game in all variety's. Several first day picks including a top 32 selection from the underclassmen ranks. There is also the potential for lots of middle round choices.

Notre Dame 

Kyle Budinscak/DE/92/5Sr: Tough, intelligent lineman who gives all out effort.  Lacks the size\speed numbers to be anything other than a marginal backup at the next level.

Quentin Burrell/S/8/4Sr: Hard working safety who lacks the athleticism and instincts to play at the next level.

Jared Clark/TE/1/5Sr: Hard working blocker with nice size and timed speed.

Jerome Collins/TE/48/5Sr: Athletic tight end with outstanding size\speed numbers.  Shows flashes yet lacks any real consistency in his game.  Natural skills alone should get him selected in the later rounds.

Derek Curry/OLB/49/5Sr: Undersized linebacker with potential on the weak side in the NFL.

Dwight Ellick/CB/24/4Sr: Solid sized cornerback that displays flashes as a return specialist.  Lacks top secondary speed and a physical nature for press coverage.

Mike Goolsby/ILB/41/5Sr: Tough, strong linebacker best up in the box.  Could be used in the middle or on the strong side over tight end.

Ryan Grant/RB/4/4Sr: Nice sized runner with excellent timed speed.  Mostly a straight-line ball carrier that rarely shows consistency or much productivity in his game.

Carlyle Holliday/WR/7/5Sr: Former quarterback with excellent size/speed numbers.  Struggling to adapt to his new position.

Billy Palmer/TE/85/5Sr: Already drafted by the CFL.  Coming off a poor senior campaign and will have to find a job north of the border.

Greg Pauly/DT/77/5Sr: Tough, hard-nosed interior lineman who stuffs the run well.  Must iron out to the rough edges of his game yet sized well and possesses growth potential.

Justin Tuck/DE/44/4Jr: Explosive defender and a terrific athlete that makes a lot up plays off the field.  Possesses great upside for the next level and a very early pick if he enters April's draft.

Oregon State

Derek Anderson/QB/14/4Sr: Big, strong passer that is a bit of an enigma.  Streaky quarterback who looks terrific on one snap only to make a lot of poor decisions during the next few series.

Matt Brock/C/73/5Sr: Quick blocker on the pivot and a wide bodied built low to the ground.  Marginal athlete with limited upside the next level.

Mitch Meeuwsen/S/5/5Sr: Nice sized safety with an excellent head for the game.  Lacks playing speed, range and usually a half step late in coverage.

Doug Nienhuis/T/65/5Sr: Hard working tackle with good size, smarts and feel for the game.  Excellent position blocker with a good upside for the next level.

Jonathan Pollard/OLB/40/5Sr: Explosive linebacker with good sized/speed numbers.  Needs to improve the consistency of his game and do a better job diagnosing the action.

Kanan Sanchez/G/5Sr/55:  Tough, hard working guard that opens holes for the running game.

Bill Swancutt/DE/90/4Sr: Athletic defensive end who makes a lot of plays up the field.  Works very hard and has growth potential, which must be met in order for him to be productive at the next level.

Aric Williams/CB/8/5Sr: Flashes cover skills but a defensive back best facing the quarterback in a zone type system.

Dwight Wright/RB/29/5Sr: Undersized, quick ball carrier best as a change of pace runner.

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