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As scouts and players alike arrive in Mobile its' time to take a beginning look at what is happening here at the start of Senior Bowl week.

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Early Doings in Mobile: He's not easily indistinguishable but former Georgia Tech and Notre Dame coach George O'Leary is here to scout available talent for his new team, the Minnesota Vikings. Speaking of scouts, the New Orleans Saints are well represented and all over the place. More than one coach commented aloud after Ahman Green's fumble in the Packer/Ram playoff game today, "the idiot should've switched the ball to his outside hand!"

Tight end Dan Graham seems to be a hot commodity in the early goings as several teams have cornered him including the New York Giants and especially the Seattle Seahawks. Graham is a solid looking physical specimen and a nice kid to boot. Speaking of the Giant's, obviously tight end is a target here as they also interviewed Robert Royal of LSU at length.

Speaking of physical specimen's; as unimpressive as he is on the football field, the same cannot be said for the physical appearance of UCLA defensive lineman Kenyon Coleman who looks absolutely ripped. On the topic of the Bruins, many are a bit surprised tight end Bryan Fletcher was chosen to participate in this game and feel there were better prospects at his position that should've received the invite. Lastly out of Westwood; though he's on the active roster we hear Robert Thomas has pulled out of this week's event for what could be questionable reasons. We will have more tomorrow when we confirm.

Another PAC Ten player that looks like he is in supreme physical condition is Washington State safety Lamont Thompson.

Texans offensive coordinator Chris Palmer sat down extensively today with quarterback David Carr and running back Travis Stephens was talking at length with the Bears.

The Pats search for a receiver continues…were you with us last year we saw New England scouts talking with anyone who may be wearing a numbers in the 80's at the next level. This afternoon we saw one of the better scouts commandeer Kelly Campbell for an extended period.

It is unlikely Dwight Freeney will play any linebacker here in Mobile this week, something we feel is a mistake. We were told Freeney is up to 265 pounds and at this point there is too much downside risk in letting him line up off the line of scrimmage. The feeling is by the time the combine comes around he will have more time to learn the new position, of course unless he blows everyone away in a three-point stance this week.

We spoke at length with a scout from the Eagles who told us if no defensive linemen are available in the early rounds it looks as though Philadelphia will draft strictly for depth, though the Trotter situation may change all that.

NOTE: While we will try and answer your questions on the message boards it will be very difficult as we will be attending two practices daily as well as receptions during the evening. We STRONGLY urge everyone to register at our message board. 

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