Scouting the Silicon Valley for NFL talent

Solid talent from both teams; programs making rare bowl appearances after several competitive seasons. Northern Illinois offers late round picks and priority free agents. Troy State on the other hand has one of the better first day sleepers in the draft.

Northern Illinois 

Brian Atkinson/OLB/38/5Sr:  Explosive linebacker with the ability to make plays in every direction. Undersized and has difficulty getting through the trash.  May be best in a 34 alignment.

Ron Lee/CB/27/5Sr: Hard working cover corner who lacks the technique and timed speed to play in man.  Has potential in a zone system or as a dime back.  Also has a special teams mentality.

Dan Sheldon/WR/5/4Sr: Savvy little receiver that consistently comes away with the tough grab during important moments.  Fifth receiver at the next level who's best shot would be as a punt returner.

Jake Versreate/G/66/5Sr: Hard working blocker best in confined quarters.  Tough and strong at the point.

Troy State

Derrick Ansley/S/10/5Sr: Willing run defender that displays a good head for the position and the ability to read the action.  Lacks overall cover techniques and speed.

DeWhitt Betterson/RB/9/5Sr: Hard working ball carrier that runs with both toughness and vision.  Possesses marginal speed, quickness and pass catching abilities to the next level.

Henry Tellis/T/60/5Sr:  Tough lineman strong at the point of attack and a blocker who fights throughout the play.  Haphazard in his movement and must improve all aspects of the position.

DeMarcus Ware/OLB/94/4Sr: Explosive athlete that makes a lot of plays in the opponents backfield yet at the same time shows the ability to be used in space off the line of scrimmage.  Undersized to be an every down lineman but projects well to outside linebacker at the next level.

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