Scouting the Music City Bowl for NFL talent

A competitive match-up between the SEC and Big Ten. Several good offensive line prospects from both teams along with an outstanding underclassmen running back highlight the top NFL-prospects.


Wesley Britt/T/70/5Sr:  Technically sound blocker with the great feel for the position.  Uses exceptional intelligence combining both blocking angles as well as positioning to protect the blind side.  Good amount of upside for the next level.  Top 45 selection.

Anthony Bryant/DT/97/5Sr:  Massive interior tackle with a good amount of athleticism.  Quick off the snap and moves well about the field.  Must get stronger and learn to use his size  as an every down advantage.

Ray Hudson/RB/27/5Sr: Shifty runner with a nice burst of speed.  Suffered a leg injury during the middle of the season and presently on the sidelines.

Evan Mathis/G/51/5Sr: Tough, hard working blocker with the ability to play either guard or tackle.  Strong at the point yet at the same time smart.  Best in confined quarters but a player on the rise making his way through the middle rounds.

Freddie Roach/ILB/8/4Jr: Looked explosive as a freshman yet has not capitalized the past two years.

Cornelius Wortham/OLB/16/5Sr: Did a good job coming off of injury and made himself a prospect after a solid senior season.  Played the middle last year yet projects to the outside.


Marion Barber III/RB/21/3Jr: Nice sized runner with excellent strength and ball carrying instincts.  Sees the field, waits for blocks to develop and has the agility to run around tackle or to plow over defenders on the interior.  Should he enter the draft a top 45 selection.

Ukee Dozier/CB/25/5Sr: Solid cornerback best in a zone system or backed off the line of scrimmage.  Good feel for the position yet lacks top playing speed. 

Jared Ellerson/WR/83/4Jr: Nice sized receiver that has continually progressed.

Greg Eslinger/C/61/3Jr: Explosive blocker in the middle and one of the best in the nation on the move.  Fluid and fast if asked to pull, easily getting out on the second level or into the secondary, taking defenders out of the action.  Must increase his size and most especially, improve his playing strength.

Justin Fraley/S/12/5Sr: Run first defender quick moving up the field.  Best covering the pass ietween the numbers. 

Brandon Harston/G/66/5Sr: Tough lineman explosive at the point of attack.  Limited athlete unlikely to be drafted next year. 

Kyle McKenzie/OLB/52/3Jr: Undersized linebacker but a top athlete who makes plays in all direction.  Presently looks like an outstanding weak side prospect for 2006.

Rian Melander/T/74/5Sr: Big, strong tackle with some ability to slide in pass protection.  Best on the strong side at the next level. 

Anthony Montgomery/DT/95/3Jr: Big, thumper on the inside and a solid athlete who effectively stuffs the run.  Possesses a great amount of upside for the next level and an early pick in the future.

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