Scouting the Cotton Bowl for NFL talent

A return to New Year's day for two proud programs. Tennessee offers several first day picks while Texas A&M may have a player go in round one.


Tony Brown/WR/81/5Sr: Consistent possession receiver with solid hands.  Lacks the foot speed to be anything other than a fifth receiver at the next level.

Kevin Burnett/OLB/2/5Sr: Outstanding athlete with great size\speed numbers of the next level.  Forceful up a the field, makes plays out to the sidelines and gets depth on pass drops.  Displays a good head for the ball and defeats blocks on his way to the action.  Late reacting at times and does not always give 100%, which is the difference between being an immediate producer at the next level and a slow developer.  Should fit into the late part of round one.  

Dustin Colquitt/P/47/5Sr: Big legged punter who's been a steady producer.  Gets great hang time on punts, poised under pressure and a solid directional kicker.  Potential selection late in the first day.

Jabari Davis/RB/34/4Sr: Nice sized ball carrier built more like a lead fullback.  Would rather handle the ball rather then block the ball carrier and coming off a disappointing senior campaign.  

C.J. Fayton/WR/17/4Jr: Solid pass catcher that displays game breaking skills.  Needs to improve the details of his game but a solid prospect for the next level.  

Parys Haralson/DE/98/3Jr: Undersized yet speedy edge rusher who makes a lot of plays behind the line of scrimmage.  May be best standing up over tackle in a 34 defense.  

Cedric Houston/RB/21/4Sr: Athletic ball carrier who combines explosion, speed as well as strength.  Excellent computer numbers and a natural football player with a good amount of upside yet watched his college career and development be slowed by inconsistency and injury.  

Victor McClure/TE/83/5Sr: King sized tight end who looks like a sixth offensive lineman off the snap.  Strong at the point and catches the pass reasonably well.  Could make it for a team that keeps three tight ends.

Michael Munoz/T/77/5Sr: Big, powerful blocker that's done a good job since his freshman campaign. Moves opponents out blocking for the run or anchors at the point in pass protection.  Has suffered several major injuries since his sophomore season and currently hampered with a shoulder ailment.  May be medically red flagged at the combine.

Karlton Neal/DE/46/5Sr: Solid collegiate defensive end that flashes skills.  Offers decent growth potential and a possible backup at the next level.  

Jason Respert/G/63/5Sr: Tenacious blocker that displayed skill early in his career.  Blocks with a wide base and removes opponents off the line.  Moved in and out of the starting lineup and never progressed as hope.  Could be a sleeper in the late rounds next April.  

Kevin Simon/OLB/5/4Jr: Explosive linebacker who plays with good degree of suddenness and goes hard sideline-to-sideline.  Injured his leg early this season and presently on the sidelines.  Will be highly rated moving towards the 2006 draft.

Texas A&M

Jaxson Appel/S/19/4Jr:  Intimidating safety that forcefully moves to the action.  Hard hitting yet best in a straight line and lacks top sideline-to-sideline range and pass cover skills.  

Aldo De La Garza/G/76/3Jr: Solid position blocker who turns opponents off the ball and plays with a good degree of nastiness.  Wide body that picks up a lot of room but best in a small area.  Solid prospect for the future.  

Geoff Hangartner/C/66/5Sr: Quick, explosive blocker on the pivot who works hard to take opponents out.  Best in a small area and has a slight chance to make it is a backup at the next level.  

Jami Hightower/T/75/5Sr: Former highly rated blocker and dominant lineman that plays with great technique.  Never fully recovered from the illness which kept him on the sidelines in 2003 and as a result will fall deep in the draft yet is worth the risk of a late round pick.

Marcus Jasmin/DT/91/5Sr: Big, powerful interior lineman that's displayed flashes of dominance in the past.  Looked as though he had star potential early in his career yet never took his game to another level and the consummate underachiever.  

Johnny Jolly/DE/97/3Jr: Former edge rusher that's been used at both end and tackle.  Quick, tough and does a solid job defending the run or rushing the passer.

Byron Jones/CB/11/4Sr: Potential zone cover corner with possibilities backed off the line of scrimmage.

Ronald Jones/S/23/4Jr: Hard hitting safety with decent upside for the next level.

Keith Joseph/FB/4/5Sr: Nice sized fullback that's also been used as a feature runner.  Solid size\speed numbers for the position but does not stand out in any single area.

Terrence Murphy/WR/5/4Sr: Explosive receiver that also impacts the game as a return specialist.  Terrific athlete with outstanding size\speed numbers.  Natural wide and a good route runner that gets separation from defenders.  Does the little things well but at times looks the part and does not play to it.  At face value worthy of a first round choice but may slip a bit on draft day.

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