Scouting the Gator Bowl for NFL talent

Florida State

Alex Barron/T/70/5Sr: Athletic tackle with great potential for the next level.  Effectively protects the blind side of his quarterback and shows flashes of dominance.  Needs to improve his overall intensity and work harder to meet his uppermost potential.  Top pick in next April's draft.

Jerome Carter/S/23/4Sr: Toguh run defending safety.  Forceful up the field, fights through the traffic and likes physical contact.  Also effective on special teams.  Lacks overall pass cover skills and tends to play out of control. 

Chauncey Davis/DE/94/4Sr: Undersized yet explosive pass rusher.  Best off the edge, quick to close and makes a lot of athletic plays.  Does not possess the size to be an every down offensive lineman and may be best over tackle in a 34 defense.

Kyle Hall/S/41/4Sr: Intelligent, hard working safety best defending the run.  Plays with good instincts and discipline.  Marginal athlete limited in a type of schemes he will be successful in at the next level.

Travis Johnson/DT/99/5Sr: Explosive defensive tackle coming off a sterling senior campaign.  Explosive off snap, plays with leverage and makes a lot of plays on the ball.  Moving up draft boards after a mediocre junior campaign and could eventually end up in the top 32. 

Bryant McFadden/CB/8/5Sr: Nice sized cornerback with top athletic skills.  Natural defensive back with good footwork, hip movement and ball skills.  Fine tuned his game this season and improved his instincts which is greatly increased his draft stock.

Bobby Meeks/G/73/5Sr: Hard working yet undersized blocker who gives top effort.  Limited athlete that lacks  great upside for the next level.

Eric Moore/DE/55/4Sr: Explosive edge rusher consistently making plays in the opponents backfield.  Quick off the snap, fluid changing direction and good in pursuit. Consistently gives top effort. Undersized yet does possess growth potential and a solid developmental prospect.

Chris Rix/QB/16/5Sr: Big armed prospect who took a major step backwards this season.  Possesses the physical skills yet makes a lot of poor choices both on and off the field.

Dominic Robinson/WR/21/4Sr: Solid receiver that also excels as a return specialist.  Occasionally breaks the long play yet lacks the size\speed numbers to be anything other than a fifth receiver at the next level. 

Leroy Smith/CB/32/5Sr: Well-built cornerback that occasionally flashes ability.  Best as a dime back at the next level. 

Chauncey Stovall/WR/15/5Sr: King sized receiver that took his game to another level as a senior.  Controls the game and more importantly has continually progressed on the football field.  Plays faster than his 40 time yet still not a receiver that beats defenders down the field.  Solid mid round choice whose stock will increase with good pre-draft workouts.

Craphonso Thorpe/WR/1/4Sr: Game breaking receiver that previously displayed the ability to control contests.  Possesses a lot of natural skills and fluid in almost all aspects.  Highly rated coming into the season yet struggled to return from the broken leg he suffered last year and as a result has watched his draft stock slide.

B.J. Ward/S/25/5Sr: Outstanding physical specimen with top size/speed numbers.  Flashes skill yet to this point more athlete then football player. 

Leon Washington/RB/3/3Jr: Elusive ball carrier with the speed to run outside of tackle or the toughness to take it on the interior.  Solid receiver out of the backfield and flashes big play ability as a return specialist.  Very good prospect for the future but will be downgraded because of poor size. 

Ray Willis/T/77/5Sr: Big, strong run blocking tackle that works very hard.  Powerful at the point removing opponents from the action, opening running lanes.  Marginal skills in space with even less abilities in motion.  Could develop into a starting strong side blocker at the next level.

West Virginia 

Josh Bailey/TE/49/3Jr: Solid collegiate tight end effective as both a blocker at pass catcher.  Does not stand out in any single aspect and has marginal upside for the next level. 

Tim Brown/C/60/6Sr: Tough, intelligent blocker strong at the point.  Effectively uses body positioning to wall defenders from the action.  Marginal athlete who lacks the great upside for the next level.  Late round selection who may be a career back-up.

Kay Jay Harris/RB/1/4Sr: Interior runner with the speed to get outside of tackle.  Feature ball carrier at the top of his game yet has the durability and toughness questions.

Chris Henry/WR/5/3Jr: Nice sized receiver that displays the ability to make the big play.  Consistently gets separation and finds the open spot in the defense.  Loses focus and will drop passes.  Off the field issues.  Would be smart to return for another season at WVU if welcomed.

Eddie Jackson/WR/6/4Sr: King sized pass catcher that flashes dominance.  Relatively consistent and does a good job when the pass is thrown in his direction.  Must learn to play to his size\speed on every down yet a solid developmental prospect. 

Adam Jones/CB/9/3Jr: Excellent cover corner with the ability to shutdown opponents.  Technically sound and makes a lot of plays when the ball's in the air. Also a good return specialist.  Offers a lot of upside for the next level and could break into next April's first round if he enters the draft.

Adam Lehnortt/ILB/10/5Sr: Instinctive run defending linebacker with marginal upside for the next level.

Benjamin Lynch/DT/92/5Sr: Explosive interior lineman quick off the snap with a nice first step.  Gives top effort yet has marginal size\speed numbers and only a backup at the next level.

Rasheed Marshall/QB/2/5Sr: Athletic passer with a big arm and a prospect who projects to either receiver or safety. Natural skills gives him an upside for the next level yet will need time to develop at a new position.

Michael Watson/T/75/4Sr: Strong position blocker that displays a good degree of athleticism.  Walls defenders from the play and opens holes for the running game.  Solid mid-to-late round pick.

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