Scouting the Capital One Bowl for NFL talent

In a battle of two terrific programs, one presently searching for a new coach, the Capital One Bowl is a scouts delight. Several outstanding NFL-prospects on the defensive line are featured in this contest as are many first day picks in next April's draft. There are also a number of highly rated underclassmen that have big decisions to make after this game as to where thier futures lie.


Antwan Allen/CB/20/4Jr: Solid cover corner with good skill and decent upside for the next level.  

Jonathan Babineaux/DT/45/5Sr: Explosive interior lineman that makes plays up the field or laterally.  Athletic, fast to the ball and works hard.  Undersized and could be best in the three-technique position.

Sean Considine/S/37/5Sr: Intelligent, tough safety best playing downhill.  Effectively covers the pass in a zone system yet lacks the top sideline-to-sideline range. 

Chad Greenway/OLB/18/4Jr: Athletic linebacker with outstanding instincts.  Efficient, takes good angles to the action and consistently around the ball.  Makes a lot of positive plays.  Potential first-round talent in 2006. 

Abdul Hodge/ILB/52/4Jr: Explosive middle linebacker that flashes on the scene.  Displays excellent first step quickness, fast to the ball and makes plays in every direction of the field.  Instinctive yet best against the run and only marginal pass cover skills.

Tony Jackson/TE/81/5Sr: Competitive tight end that does a solid job catching the ball while working hard on his blocking.  Not really involved in the offense and a developmental prospect who may lack the size to be anything other than a third tight end. 

Jovon Johnson/CB/26/3Jr: Solid cover corner with good skill for the next level.  Makes a lot of plays on the ball and a potential first day pick in 2006. 

Jermelle Lewis/RB/29/5Sr: Quick back with a burst through the hole and the ball carrier that works runs.  Displays flashes of skill yet has been injured often the past two seasons.

George Lewis/OLB/50/5Sr: Hard working linebacker best in the box.  Reads the action, strings plays out laterally and tough against the run.  Marginal skills in pass coverage and more a two down defender. 

Pete McMahon/T/69/5Sr: Tall, intelligent blocker best on the strong side.  Works to get leverage on opponents, blocking with good body positioning and effectively using angles.  Used at both tackle and guard.  Could develop into a starter on the strong side. 

Matt Roth/DE/31/4Sr: Tenacious, explosive defensive end who plays with a warrior mentality.  Quick off the snap, fast up the field and chases the ball handler like a man possessed.  Undersized and rather easily moved from his angle of attack.  Limited in the number of schemes he can handle at the next level and may be best in a system that rotates its front four but an asset for any team in variety of ways. 


Travis Daniels/CB/29/4Sr: Athletic corner with nice size.  Displays abilities in press coverage as well as zone.  A bit slow reacting off the line and usually a half step behind opponents.  Needs time to develop but offers a good upside. 

Skyler Green/WR/5/3Jr: Explosive receiver with a compact build with the ability to break games open as a pass catcher or return specialist. Struggled through the season with injury yet offers a good upside for the next level.

Marcus Randall/QB/12/5Sr: Athletic passer with a good arm. Agile, solid running the ball and accurate between the numbers.  Not always on the mark with his reads and forces the ball into coverage.  May be best as a ball carrier with the running back skills he's shown in the past

Marcus Spears/DE/84/4Sr: Big, athletic defensive end that has shown the abilities to be a game changer in the past.  Fast off the edge, can change direction and pursue the play from the backside.  Strong at the point and defeats blocks, bringing ball carriers down on initial contact.  Coming off a disappointing senior season when he did not make many plays on the ball and at times was out rather easily handled at the point by opposing tight ends.  Needs to prove he is willing to pay the price and play 60 minutes a game. 

Lionel Turner/ILB/58/5Sr: Tough, run defending two down defender that stacks well up front.  Explosive defending the run or blitzing the quarterback and plays with good intelligence.  Has marginal skills in pass coverage and best going downhill.

Cameron Vaughn/OLB/50/3Jr: Solid outside linebacker prospect for the future.  Displays a good head for the ball, quick to key the action and makes plays sideline-to-sideline

Corey Webster/CB/13/5Sr: Naturally gifted cornerback with solid football skills.  Displays the ability to shut down opponents but coming off a very disappointing senior campaign.  Consistently beaten in '04 and his play would be best characterized as lackadaisical.  Potential first round likely to move into the second frame after this season's results.

Andrew Whitworth/T/76/4Jr: Big, finesse blocker that does a solid job protecting the blind side.  Effectively uses angles and body positioning to wall opponents from the action.  Not a dominant run blocker but will only get better as he physically matures and a lineman with a lot of upside.  Said to be leaning towards entering the draft.

Ben Wilkerson/C/55/4Sr: Athletic center with the ability to block in motion.  Quick off the snap, plays with leverage and adjusts well. needs to add bulk to his frame and greatly increase his playing strength.  Suffered a leg injury midway through the season and presently on the sidelines.

Claude Wroten/DE/98/4Jr: Explosive defensive lineman that starts at tackle and occasionally slides out to end.  Immediately gets off the ball, displays a burst of closing speed and commands double teams.  Relatively good ball awareness yet needs to refine his game and improve his overall strength.  Solid prospect moving into next season.

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