Scouting the Rose Bowl for NFL talent

The Wolverines make a return trip to the Rose Bowl after losing to USC last year while Texas ferries out west. In a game ripe with prime NFL talent, scouts will have a field day as the prospects in this game will effect the early part of round one through the late reaches of the final frames. Several highly rated underclassmen are also featured in this contest.


Jason Avant/WR/83Jr: Large receiver with excellent size\speed numbers.   Improved his game immeasurably this season and an outstanding prospect for the future. 

David Baas/G/75/5Sr: Dominant, powerful guard that turns defenders off the line and opens holes for the running game while at the same time not giving up an inch of room in pass protection.  Immobile and not effective in motion yet a very good prospect and top 45 selection that could be a stalwart at the position for years to come. 

Steve Breaston/WR/15/3So: Explosive receiver with the ability to break the long one.  Solid return specialist as well.  Continually improving his game and offers a good upside. 

Markus Curry/CB/29/4Sr: Feisty cover corner best facing the quarterback.  Lacks the skills to play in man but would be effective backed off the line of scrimmage and a solid second day pick. 

Kevin Dudley/FB/32/5Sr: Hard nosed lead fullback who hits like a ton of bricks.  Accelerates into blocks removing defenders in the action and opens big holes for the running game.  Solid in pass protection.  Not an offensive threat.

Tyler Ecker/TE/89/3Jr: Excellent pass catching tight end that stepped up as a junior.  Continually makes himself a consistent target and displays reliable hands.  Must improve his blocking strength yet has potential in that department.

Braylon Edwards/WR/80/4Sr: Impressive physical specimen that dominates the play.  Continually making tremendous athletic receptions and beats down defenders or out-muscles opponents.  Possesses great upside for the next level yet must improve the consistency of his hands and more importantly, stay focused for 60 minutes.

Marlin Jackson/CB/3/4Sr: Athletic defensive back that has displayed flashes of brilliance in the past.  Sized well, technically sound and fast.  Has watched his game leveled off and even regress since his sophomore campaign.  Needs to get back on track as he is sliding down draft boards yet still a solid prospect for the next level with terrific upside.

Matt Lentz/G/674Jr: Strong, dominant guard best in confined quarters.  Nasty and removes opponents off the line of scrimmage yet has difficulties in space. 

Tim Massaquoi/TE/88/4Jr: Athletic tight end that displays the skill to consistently make plays into the defensive secondary.  Fast and creates mismatches for opponents.  Needs to turn up the consistency and production of his game but a top prospect for next season.

Lawrence Reid/OLB/42/3Jr: Hard hitting linebacker with solid instincts.  Tough against the run yet lacks sideline-to-sideline range and overall pass cover skills. 

Ernest Shazor/S/25/4Jr: Big, physical run defending safety that is a presence in the secondary.  Quick up the field and aggressively lays his shoulders into opponents.  Lack range, has difficulty in pass coverage and a defender best playing downhill.

David Underwood/RB/5/4Sr: Elusive ball carrier with both quickness and solid speed. Possesses good running instincts yet was never able to take hold of the starting position at Michigan and had his senior campaign marred with injury.

Gabe Watson/DT78/ 3Jr:Egg, powerful thumper in the middle of the line.  Commands double teams it gets push up the field.  Or off a run stuffer and has just marginal pass rush skills.  Needs to commit himself to year-round conditioning.  As already stated he will return for his senior campaign.


Cedric Benson/RB/32/4Sr: Game controlling ball carrier with outstanding running back instincts and physical skills.  Big, fast and a powerful back that also displays excellent vision with the ability to set up blocks then follow them.  Nice pass catcher out of the backfield.  Does have character issues and a downside risk.

Larry Dibbles/DT/92/4Jr: Competitive thumper on inside.  Needs to round out his game but offers good upside for the next level.

Jason Glynn/C/52/5Sr: Explosive blocker on the pivot that does an outstanding job quarterbacking the offensive line.  Lacks the top size\strength numbers yet work ethic and understanding of the position gives him a chance.

Cedric Griffin/CB/8/4Jr: Decent cornerback best backed off the line of scrimmage.  Displays a burst of speed and effective facing the quarterback.  Needs to refine his overall skills. 

Michael Huff/CB/7/4Jr: Solid defensive back that can play a variety of positions.  Displays a good feel for the position, instincts and has nice size\speed numbers.  Also known for the big play.  Offers a good upside for the next level. 

Derrick Johnson/OLB/11/4Sr: Explosive athlete that blows up the opposition's plays.  Flashes on the scene displaying suddenness, delivers bone crushing hits and displays sideline to sideline range.  Lacks top instincts and best in a situation which keeps his mental responsibilities to a minimum. 

Will Matthews/FB/37/5Sr: Nice sized lead fullback that can dominate the opposition and removes defenders off the ball.  Looks almost like an offensive lineman behind the quarterback but needs to play with a nastier attitude.

Bo Scaife/TE/80/6Sr: Athletic pass catching tight end dangerous when the ball is in his hands.  Has shown flashes of ability yet had his college career interrupted consistently because of injury. 

Jonathan Scott/T/73/4Jr: Tall, athletic tackle with huge upside for the next level.  Has continually improved and potentially the next top offensive lineman to come from the Texas program.  Must physically mature and hit the weight room. 

David Thomas/TE/84/3Jr: Solid pass catching tight end consistently makes plays.  Not spectacular yet does what is asked of them and a solid late round prospect in the future.

Rodrique Wright/DT/90/3Jr: Monster defensive tackle that clogs the middle of the field.  Quick off the snap, explosive and commands double teams.  Must play with a greater sense of urgency and go hard for 60 minutes.  A prospect at a priority position that could go early once he enters at the draft.

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