Scouting the Outback Bowl for NFL talent


Gerald Anderson/DT/92/4Jr: Explosive tackle that fights hard to make a play.  Quick off the snap and gets out laterally yet lacks height and may only fit certain schemes.  

Reggie Brown/WR/1/5Sr: Solid pass catcher who increased his draft stock the past season.  Consistent yet lacks the top size\speed numbers to be anything other than a third receiver at the next level.  

Thomas Davis/S/10/4Jr: Former linebacker moved to safety.  Explosive moving up the field, likes physical contact and hits like a ton of bricks.  Solid cover skills and though he lacks the great range, may be a terrific fit in a two deep system.  

Fred Gibson/WR/82/4Sr: Natural pass catcher with solid skills.  Easily makes the reception in stride, catches the pass away from his frame and deceptive speed which enables him to get down the field.  Inconsistent and not a physical player.  Shies away from contact, losing concentration which leads to drops.

Kedric Golston/DT/94/3Jr: Nice sized tackle that flashes ability.  Possesses good upside for the next level yet must take his game to another level.  

David Greene/QB/14/5Sr: Consistent pocket passer always on the same page as receivers.  Consistently makes positive plays and stays away for mistakes.  Lacks the big arm yet possesses enough strength to air out the deep ball.  Accurate and consistent.  Post season will dictate if he is selected in the top 60 selections.  

Arnold Harrison/OLB/465Sr: Nice sized linebacker that's been in and out up the lineup.  Has the strength and speed to play over tight end yet must improve almost every aspect of his game.  

Max Jean-Gilles/T/74/3Jr: Big, strong wide bodied lineman used at both guard and tackle.  Naturally gifted yet needs to improve the technical aspects of his game and more importantly commit  himself to year-round conditioning and the weight room.  Made noise about entering this year's draft though that would be a mistake.  

Tim Jennings/CB/8/3Jr: Solid cover corner that really improved his game and took it to another level as a junior.  Lacks the top size to be a starter at the next level yet could thrive in a two deep system or as a nickel back.

David Pollack/DE/47/4Sr: Explosive and tenacious defender that consistently goes 100 miles an hour.  Consistently blowing up the opposition's plays and looks like a man possessed in pursuit of the ball handler.  Outstanding pass rusher with great speed from the backside as well as the ability to play off the line of scrimmage in space.  Has size limitations and may only fit certain schemes yet a prospect that does not possess much downside risk.  

Jeremy Thomas/FB/41/5Sr: Blue collar lead blocker that does the dirty work.  Tough, smart and works hard.  Marginal athleticism and upside potential.  Not an offensive threat which will push him down draft boards.  

Will Thompson/DE/58/5Sr: Quick, speedy edge rusher explosive off the snap.  Chases hard to get involved but undersized and easily controlled at point of attack.  Late round selection that may have a role as a nickel rusher at the next level.  

Odell Thurman/ILB/33/3Jr: Athletic middle linebacker with great range.  Explosive and flashes on the scene displaying a good degree of suddenness to his game.  Must improve his instincts in pass coverage but projects well to the outside at the next level.


Kalvin Barrett/DT/58/5Sr: Former offensive lineman that's shown flashes of ability at defensive tackle.  Potential developmental prospect.

Dan Buenning/G/67/5Sr: Smart, tough blocker best in confined quarters.  Strong at the point of attack yet also a solid position blocker effective for both the running or passing game. Solid consideration at the end of the first day.

Darrin Charles/WR/87/4Sr: Nice sized receiver that offers the quarterback a big target.  Displays flashes but has shown a marginal consistency and production in college.  

Jonathan Clinkscale/G/50/5Sr: Nice sized blocker effective opening holes for the running game or protecting the quarterback.  Dominant at times yet must learn to play hard for 60 minutes and commit himself to off-the-field conditioning.  Middle round draft pick who could be a gem if someone lights a fire under him.  

Morgan Davis/T/75/5Sr: Tough, intelligent tackle that does the little things well.  Solid position blocker who stays with the action.  Not the greatest athlete and lacks top blocking range but a solid strong side prospect for the next level.

Anthony Davis/RB/28/5Sr: Undersized, scat back whose college career has been marred with injury.  Tough running on the inside and possesses the speed to bounce around tackle.  Solid receiver out of the backfield.  Durability questions and limited size will push him down draft boards.  

Anttaj Hawthorne/DT/77/4Sr: Explosive interior lineman that quickly gets off the snap, defeats blocks and creates a lot of havoc up the field.  Active when he plays hard and can be a one-man wrecking crew.  Top 32 pick next April.  

Erasmus James/DE/90/5Sr: Outstanding athlete and impacting pass rusher who took his game to another level as a senior.  Fast off the edge or in pursuit from the backside and can also play in space.  Does have durability questions but should slide into next April's first round.  

Jason Jefferson/DT/74/5Sr: Undersized defensive tackle who stands out on film.  Explosive off the snap, goes hard and consistently around the ball.  Should receive consideration late in the first day.  Could be productive  next to a big bodied lineman or in a system that uses him as a three technique tackle.  

Jim Leonhard/S/18/4Sr:  Ball hawking safety with terrific hands and football intelligence.  Consistently in the right place at the right time and always making positive plays.  Tough, and will support the run.  Undersized and may lack of pure cover skills to be moved to corner. The penchant for the big play coupled with outstanding special teams skills give him first day consideration.

Mike Lorenz/T/61/5Sr: Backup tackle that has the versatility to be used at guard.  Intelligent, works hard and displays the ability to shuffle his feet in pass protection.  Limited athlete could find a back-up role at the next level.  

Jonathan Orr/WR/9/4Jr: Nice sized pass catcher with potential for the next level.  Needs to pull the pieces together yet can be the "go-to" guy and a prospect to watch for next year.  

Donovan Raiola/C/53/4Jr: Explosive blocker on the pivot.  Quick off the snap, effective in motion and plays with a nasty attitude.  Technically sound and a solid position blocker.  Lacks size and strength at the point of attack but an excellent center prospect going into 2005.

Booker Stanley/RB/32/3So: Productive runner good in the pinch.  Combines vision, intelligence as well as ball carrying the intensity.  Not spectacular but a good prospect for the future.  

Scott Starks/CB/2/4Sr: Explosive cover corner best in zone.  Locates the ball and quick arriving on the scene yet undersized and has difficulty in man situations.  

Jonathan Welsh/DE/92/5Sr: Explosive collegiate defensive end who projects to linebacker at the next level.  Quick off the snap, fast in pursuit and makes plays in every direction of the field.  Has displayed the ability to play in space.  

Brandon Williams/WR/25/3Jr: Consistent pass catcher who lacks the top size\speed numbers for the next level.

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