Tuesday Morning- The North

A look at the North's practice this morning

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Tuesday Morning- The North


None of the quarterbacks looked good today, David Garrard was wild with his accuracy was wild, Josh McCown did not react well when pressured and Kurt Kittner's throws lack zip and he tried to direct the ball too much.   

Brian Westbrook was consistent showing good moves, shake-n-bake and great vision with a lot of patience mixed in carrying the ball.  Lamar Gordon showed well today.  He is a patient runner with good vision and finds the running lanes quickly getting through them and has the speed to turn the corner.   

Chris Baker worked hard all morning, diving all over the field to make the tough reception, while Daniel Graham constantly beat opposing linebackers trying to cover him.  Though his blocking is nothing to write home about it is not because from lack-of-effort rather, pure size/strength. 

Antwaan Randle-El looked solid in every aspect of his game.  As a punt returner, he handled the duties well and was even better when used as a receiver; he caught the ball well all day long, went over the middle, extended to pull the high pass out of the air.  Ashley Lelie was at practice hanging out.  We spoke with him at length and presently he is in Atlanta working out full-time with Chip Smith. 

To our minds no linemen looked as good as Chester Pitts; he is fundamentally sound, has excellent footwork and plays with good technique until the whistle blows.  He also showed surprising strength at the point and buried Dwight Freeney the first play in drills.  Eric Heitman drew much praise from the coaches today and he worked hard, playing with both strength and leverage.  Richard Williams made his debut here today and his upper body strength is apparent, so apparent as he looks almost top heavy. He is strong at the point but needs a lot of technique work as he does too much shifting of his shoulders and is not good with his hands.  How intense is this week? Victor Rogers and Eric Heitman had blood stained uniforms by the middle of the session.  Matt Hill did not distinguish himself and looked out-classed. 

Akin Ayodele was obviously the best athlete of all the defensive linemen from the North.  He is fluid and fast, covers a lot of ground and was quick off the snap but had difficulty getting off blocks once engaged with opponents.  Ayodele told us during an interview (which we will post next week) he has been doing linebacker drills in case teams want him to move off the line of scrimmage.  Anthony Weaver is strong, athletic and does not get beaten by blocks but you just get the idea it takes a while for everything to sink in with him as he shows no explosion or suddenness to his game.

Napoleon Harris looks a little rusty playing off the line of scrimmage after lining up in a three-point stance all year while James Allen did well reading and anticipating run plays also showing the ability to play off blocks but just lacks and quickness or "zest" to his game. 

Keyou Craver was one of the better defensive backs for the North and made several impressive picks in practice.  Kevin Thomas of UNLV had a solid practice looking fluid and smooth while Lamont Thompson looked real good all practice. 

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