NFC Wild Card Injury Analysis Round One

<b><u>Packers</u></b> <BR> <b> Injuries: </b> Running Back Najeh Davenport (shoulder), Wide Receiver Robert Ferguson (head/neck), Tight End Bubba Franks (knee)

Analysis: Davenport didn't play in last week's game at Chicago but is expected to be available for this week's game against Minnesota. Davenport, who is starter Ahman Green's main backup, is also an important part of certain short-yardage packages.

Ferguson hasn't played since he was injured against Jacksonville two weeks ago. While Ferguson is doubtful to play this week, he has made some progress this week and he could be available to play if they win this week's game. Where he is missed is in multiple receiver sets. No. 4 receiver Antonio Chatman will fill in again for him.

Franks bruised his knee in last week's game and while he could have his practice time limited this week, he's not expected to miss this week's game. Franks is a very big part of their redzone package and is also one of the better blocking tight ends in the league. The team is woefully thin at the position so they could ill afford to lose him.


Injuries: Guard Tom Nutten (knee), Defensive End Leonard Little (groin)

Analysis: Nutten suffered a sprained knee in last week's game and isn't expected to play this week against Seattle. While it's possible he could be available in a backup role, rookie guard Larry Turner is expected to start for him. Turner has only started one game so expect the Seahawks to test him early with some stunts and different looks.

Little is dealing with a sore groin that was aggravated in last week's game. While he's expected to play against Seattle, it's not certain whether he will be able to handle his usual number of snaps. Veteran lineman Tyoka Jackson would see an increase in snaps if Little isn't able to play a full game. Little is their only real consistent pass rusher so it's possible his practice time is limited this week in order to get him ready to play.


Injuries: Wide Receiver Darrell Jackson (hamstring), Defensive Tackle Marcus Tubbs (ankle), Defensive End Grant Wistrom (knee), Cornerback Bobby Taylor (knee)

Analysis: Jackson has a sore hamstring which has limited his practice time the last two weeks but the injury isn't expected to keep him out of this week's game. It's the type of injury that won't heal completely without a good deal of rest.

Tubbs has missed the last three games due to a badly sprained ankle and he won't play this week. Former starter Rashod Moore has replaced him. Moore, a sixth-round pick last year, is farther along in his development so there shouldn't be any drop-off against the run.

Wistrom suffered a sprained knee at Minnesota last month and has missed the last two games and his doubtful to play in this week's game. He has been replaced by reserve end Antonio Cochran who has played quite well. What the team misses is Wistrom's ability to get off the edge and create havoc.

Taylor has been limited by a sore knee almost all season and has missed the last five games. He's listed as questionable to play and the team really could use him in their nickel package since the Rams use so many multiple receiver sets.


Injury: Safety Corey Chavous (elbow)

Analysis: Chavous suffered a broken elbow and is out indefinitely. His replacement, reserve safety Willie Offord, is a liability in coverage so you can expect Green Bay to pick on him.

Not only will Chavous's run and pass defense skills be absent but his on the field leadership will also be missed.

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