Tuesday Afternoon- The South

After a few fights, some screaming and yelling, the South was finally off to its' second practice of the week.

NOTE: While we will try and answer your questions on the message boards it will be very difficult as we will be attending two practices daily as well as receptions during the evening.  We STRONGLY encourage everyone to register at our message board; it is free and easy!

Tuesday Afternoon- The South 

Dwight Freeney has sustained a high ankle sprain, as we reported this morning, and may be out the rest of the week.  Conner Stephens was brought in today and played linebacker. 

Overall the South's practices are nowhere near as crisp or organized as those of the North.  There is more hitting and drilling with the North squad. 


David Carr was solid all day. He threw some nice passes and impressively showed patience in the pocket and on a few passes raised some eyebrows.  Rohan Davey was very deliberate with his throwing motion trying to improve his fundamentals but as a result slowed his delivery and receivers were waiting on the pass.  Tulane's Patrick Ramsey looked improved.

Running Backs 

DeShaun Foster ran the ball well today, complimenting his pass catching from Monday, and showed great vision and slashing skills.  The star of all the backs was Charles Stackhouse who threw several crunching blocks as the lead fullback, which drew a large rise from the scouts.  Woody Danzler seems to be adjusting to his new position and ran much better today. 

Wide Receivers 

Freddie Milons really picked up the pace today running terrific routes and catching the ball well, showing skills reminiscent of his sophomore season.  Auburn's Tim Carter for the most part caught the ball well and ran good routes. 

Offensive Line 

Maryland's Melvin Fowler had a very good afternoon playing both center and guard.  Terrance Metcalf looked good at guard but again, had difficulty at left tackle.  Kendall Simmons also played well when put at guard. 

Defensive Line 

UAB's Bryan Thomas started off on fire but cooled down, or better said, wore down.  One that did play well all afternoon was Charles Hill of Maryland.  Alan Harper had a tough go of it and was  getting frustrated drew the ire of coach Joe Greene!  If Dorsett Davis ever learns to become a football player he is going to be something special but right now would be considered a project. 

Defensive Backs 

Joseph Jefferson started slow but ended with a good practice and Florida safety Marquand Manuel also showed good techniques.

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