Wednesday Morning-The South

Today's the day in Mobile as it is full pads, hard-hitting and scouts aplenty. Here's a look at this morning's practice for the South, the last with pads.

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Wednesday Morning- The South

We spoke with the agent for Trev Faulk today who told us Trev is up to 240 pounds and will run a 4.45 at the combine. Impressive but remember, this is the same agent that lost a bet to us last February at the combine assuring us that Ja'mar Toombs weighed in at no more than 260 pounds.

Yesterday we spoke of how much better the North practices were run and we are not alone as today we heard no less than three scouts complain aloud on how unorganized the Cardinal coaching staff goes about things here. A little clue into what's happening here; this morning we were running a few minutes late for practice and passed defensive line coach Joe Green on the way to the field.


Again David Carr looks good; in drills he quickly got the pass off when asked to roll out and throw on the move showing both speed and accuracy on the pass. He zips all the throws, times them well and is accurate. Here's one slight problem we noticed yesterday, confirmed today and was pointed out by Redskins scouts; Carr throws with a three-quarters motion, almost releasing the ball from his ear which causes a low trajectory and results in passes getting batted.

Patrick Ramsey threw the ball well most of the day and perfectly placed a corner route in the end-zone into the hands of Kelly Campbell. Ramsey did have some difficulty throwing on the run and was very slow out of the pocket. He also does not look natural looking off the safety and is a bit wild at times.

For Rohan Davey it was a bit of an inconsistent morning. Davey throws with all arm, only occasionally following-through over his top foot or passing with proper techniques. He gathers and slows throwing on the move and is late on his timing throws. It will be a reach for Davey to make it into the first day.

Running Backs

For the third day Deshaun Foster was the best runner for the South squad and for that matter, in the city of Mobile. He is patient, quick footed and shows elusiveness when the ball is in his hands. When passed the ball he looks like a natural receiver with soft hands. Foster even showed a bit of a burst today and has moved into the first frame with his performances this week. Adrian Peterson did not "wow" anyone with his running skills though he showed good patience when handed the ball but his pass catching is impressive. At one point late in practice he extended and plucked the ball out of the air making a difficult reception with Andra Davis draped around him. Charles Stackhouse again had a good day blocking but could not catch a single thing and dropped almost every pass thrown to him.

Wide Outs/Tight Ends

This day for Freddie Milons was a microcosm of his entire college career; inconsistent. After showing some signs of life yesterday, Milons dropped almost as much as he caught today and did not look good at all. Dropping is what Milons is going to end up doing come draft day. Kelly Campbell made some nice plays and blew by Antaun Simmons for a great deep reception forty yards down the field in full scrimmage after making a solid catch in the end zone earlier. Still, he dropped a few on occasion and his lack of size is evident. Again Tim Carter looks spectacular on one play and disappointing the next. We spoke with one of the Patriots bigger scouts who told us Carter's propensity for disappearing stretches at a time is a concern.

The tight ends look solid. Robert Royal is not quick or fast but a heady prospect that catches the ball well and does an equally effective job blocking for both the passing and running game. We were impressed with Royal's football intellect and just overall awareness. If he runs fast at the combine he will move into the first day. One player that has really stepped up is UCLA's Bryan Fletcher. A surprise to be on this roster at first, Fletcher has really grabbed hold of the opportunity and has run great routes, got open all day and caught the ball well. He is turning heads.

Offensive Line

Three offensive linemen really stood out today. Kendall Simmons was solid and really did a fine job both run and pass blocking. We spoke with him at length; he is a bright articulate young man, and he told us he's really working on his leverage, balance and ability to play low to the ground and it is paying off. Another we spoke with at length that is answering the call is Melvin Fowler of Maryland. Fowler has been used at both center and guard and like Simmons, is breaking a bad college habit of blocking straight legged and has held his ground against bigger opponents. He said the toughest opponent he faced all week is Ken Kocher of UCLA. We also spoke at length about his prior shoulder problems and he assured us they are okay and he's looking to register 33 reps on the bench during combine workouts. He also said he feel's EJ Henderson made the best choice by returning to school to get his diploma. The top offensive linemen today was been Fred Weary of Tennessee. He's shown strength at the point and opened holes all practice long for the running game, dominating defenders in one-on-one drills. Dorsett Davis was one of many that told us he was the toughest to go against all week and we saw several coaches and scouts pointing him out.

Defensive Line

Ken Kocher of UCLA was the star of the day. He is a load in the middle with a powerful lower body, quickness and a relentless motor. He also plays with a nasty attitude and showed the ability to wedge his way between opponents, even though he's a wide body. Several of the South's offensive linemen told us he's impossible to handle and he is moving up draft boards. Bryan Thomas again had a solid practice, as did Eddie Freeman. Alan Harper had a tough go of it for the second day in a row but to his credit he did not give up and showed good pursuit speed to the flanks when defending screens or running plays. We spoke with Dorsett Davis and he confirmed to us what we've said all week, the coaches have told him he must learn to play lower and under control. Davis said at Mississippi State he would just rush straight up the field off the snap in the Bulldogs attack defense, and he must pull in the reigns a bit. Charles Hill of Maryland is again showing surprising strength and making a good impression.


The best way to describe the South linebackers is this; run only defenders that will be two down players at the next level. We spoke with a coach from the New York Jets who told us he was not impressed with the talent at this position as none can cover the pass. Andra Davis did, to his credit, show some abilities in zone coverage and was explosive moving up the field to defend the run and attack the ball carrier. Jermaine Petty struggled all day and blew a few assignments but played tough and showed well in full scrimmage, receiving applause from the coaches. He was positioned

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