Wednesday-South Practice

A look at the final big practice for the South.

NOTE: While we will try and answer your questions on the message boards it will be very difficult as we will be attending two practices daily as well as receptions during the evening.  We STRONGLY encourage everyone to register at our message board; it is free and easy!

Wednesday Morning- The South


Again David Carr looks good; he zips all the throws, times them well and is accurate. Patrick Ramsey threw the ball well most of the day and perfectly placed a corner route in the end-zone into the hands of Kelly Campbell. For Rohan Davey it was a bit of an inconsistent morning as it was all week and it will be a reach for Davey to make it into the first day of the draft next April.

Running Backs

For the third day Deshaun Foster was the best runner for the South squad and for that matter, in the city of Mobile. He has moved into the first frame with his performances this week. Adrian Peterson's pass catching was impressive. Charles Stackhouse again had a good day blocking.

Wide Outs/Tight Ends

Kelly Campbell made some nice plays and blew by Antaun Simmons for a great deep reception forty yards down the field in full scrimmage.  Again Tim Carter looks spectacular on one play and disappointing the next.   The tight ends look solid. Robert Royal is not quick or fast but a heady prospect that catches the ball well and can block. One player that has really stepped up is UCLA's Bryan Fletcher.

Offensive Line

Three offensive linemen really stood out today. Kendall Simmons was solid and really did a fine job both run and pass blocking. Melvin Fowler of Maryland is answering the call at both center and guard.  Flowler said the toughest opponent he faced all week is Ken Kocher of UCLA. The top offensive linemen today was Fred Weary of Tennessee. He's shown strength at the point and opened holes all practice long for the running game.

Defensive Line

Ken Kocher of UCLA was the star of the day. He is a load in the middle with a powerful lower body, quickness and a relentless motor. Alan Harper had a tough go of it for the second day in a row but to his credit he did not give up. Charles Hill of Maryland is again showing surprising strength and making a good impression.


The best way to describe the South linebackers is this; run only defenders that will be two down players at the next level. We spoke with a coach from the New York Jets who told us he was not impressed with the talent at this position as none can cover the pass. One that did surprise was late arrival Connor Stephens of Mississippi State.

Defensive Backs

Sheldon Brown looked a little better today as the corner from South Carolina was fluid, showed good cover skills and ran well with opposing wide outs. Both Marques Anderson and Antuan Simmons have shown solid techniques in drills. Roosevelt Williams is really struggling and it does not look he's going to get the week he needed.


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