Jason Leach Diary: Tuesday at Shrine Practice

The plays were faster and the hitting harder as the second day of East-West Shrine week took hold. For Jason Leach it was both eye-opening and surprisingly good as the former Trojan safety begins to get a taste of what life in the NFL could be like.

The morning started off with a financial meeting given by Jon D. Peterson, from the Next Level Financial Group. He went over the challenges we as athletes are going to run into over the next few years and how his business could help us. He also went over a very interesting study done by the NFL that showed the average playing career. It was broken down as follows:

QB=4.44 years










Needless to say I was relieved safety was on the high end of the spectrum!

The study included an average of 1647 players a season. Mr. Peterson also went over the five important issues of taxes, lack of time, knowledge/understanding, monitoring new wealth and "New Friends".   All issues that will swiftly and greatly impact our lives once we sign an NFL contract.

At breakfast we got our first special teams list.  I am on the punt return and kick off return team as well as kick off-coverage. I played on all these units at USC but this time I actually will be returning the ball.  All the players on the special teams list had to warm-up and field kicks before the rest of the squad came out. It all went really well but believe it or not I still have to get used to the NFL-ball since it looks different in flight.

Practice went a lot better and I think everyone is starting to get a feel for the other players.  As a result we are starting to practice much faster.

The safeties and corners are working hard to stop the wide receivers. We had a good one-on-one period and then went seven-on-seven. We were all breaking on routes and knocking away passes.

The real fun for me came during the last portion of the day. Reading the quarterbacks eyes then breaking on the ball, I got one of the few interceptions of the day!

Tomorrow morning all of the players have to get our height and weight do for the scouts. This should be interesting.......   

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